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Many modern and beautiful tiles are created to cater the choice for customers. However, cement tiles applied for wall and floor still bring a unique beauty. 

This article will help you know more about cement tile for floor and wall, detailed quotes as well as how to choose cement tile which is affordable for your budget. 

What is the role of tiles?

Báo giá gạch ốp lát giá rẻ tại tphcm

Wall tile is a type of construction material that have been created in the world for a long time. We see many different kinds of tile common both in the old architecture and modern buildings and houses. It can be affirmed that the tiles are an important material towards the formation and development of the building materials industry.

Wall and floor tiles play three major roles:

Aesthetics for floors and walls: Tiles contribute to perfecting the beauty of the floor surface, walls and creates accents for the entire interior space.

Smooth and easy-to-clean surface: Most people prefer to live in a beautiful and clean space. So, with tiles, walls and floors allow you to easily clean.

Waterproof support for the room: For areas often exposed to moisture such as corridors, kitchens, bathrooms, floor tiles would protect for the long life of the project.

The criteria to buy wall tiles and floor tiles
Color harmony between wall and floor. Floor tiles and wall tiles should not be too opposing in order to create a harmonious beauty for the whole house design.

If the owner is not willing to choose the color of wall tiles suitable for the tiles, the result can make the house space after finishing becomes less "glitter", even causing confusion.

Want to choose harmonious color tiles, you should choose the same color tone.

To make the house look spacious and bright, the wall tiles and floor tiles with bright colors are the ideal choices. 

The suitability for each room space
A complete house with a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Each room has different standards to meet the needs of the user. Therefore, criteria for choosing tiles for each room are not the same.

Living room

Báo giá gạch ốp lát tại tphcm giá rẻ

This is the most common living space walled and paved in the house. The living room is considered to be the "face" of the whole house, so the living room decoration needs to bring out the aesthetic and individuality of the owner.

The color of the living room wall tiles should be "in sync" with the colors of the furniture. The criteria for choosing beautiful tiles for this area are bright colors and elegant textures.

When choosing wall tiles for the bedroom, you should prioritize the tones that bring a cozy feeling. The colors commonly used for bedroom wall tiles are beige, gray, light brown, etc.

Kitchen areas often get stains of grease, food crumbs when you cook. Therefore, you should tiling this area with smooth tiles, long life and good heat resistance.

Besides, tiles or kitchen tiles can bring simple textures, making the space lively and helping people eat more delicious.

In this area, homeowners should tiling with rough, non-slip surface tiles.

In addition, high quality toilet tiles with floral patterns but not too cumbersome, will help you feel more relaxed in a beautiful bathroom space.

Can you use tiled bricks for walls and paving?

Báo giá gạch ốp lát tại tp hcm giá rẻ

Brick is made from the mind and skillful hands of skilled workers. Only with very simple input materials, easy to find sand, cement, this type of brick possesses toughness, resistance to stains, scratches not inferior to any industrial brick.

The motifs of colorful tiles are inspired by the familiar things in life: flowers, plants, coins, etc. When put together, the bricks will form an art picture that makes the house space more impressive. Moreover, the tiles are very durable, although used over decades, the color of the tiles is still very faded.

Nowadays, tiles become more and more popular again. The price of the tiles is quite affordable, many modern houses are tiled with tiles, creating accents both nostalgic and unique for the architectural space.

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