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With the beauty that is suitable for any decorative space with a classic, semi-classical to modern style of cement tiles, you can use decorative wall tiles for your space.

Are you wondering what is the most popular design of cement tiles currently? How much do wall cement tiles cost? How is the quality of the product? Let Viettiles present you to the Top 10+ models of wall cement tiles, the brand's most well-liked product among customers.


  1. Patchwork cement tiles in various colors

Colorful patchwork cement tile is a design of cement tiles that mixes a lot of patterned and randomly colored cement tiles. Create an imaginative, diverse picture. Patchwork cement tiles add personality and uniqueness to your living area by using cement tiles as a collection of colorful patterns arranged randomly.

gạch bông ốp tường, lát nền lộn xộn

Patchwork cement tiles with red tone

 gạch bông ốp tường, lát nền lộn xộn

Patchwork cement tiles with blue tone

  1. White, Black, and Gray Patchwork Cement Tiles

Similar to colorful patchwork cement tiles, White, black, and gray patchwork cement tiles are appropriate for homeowners who appreciate a sophisticated style but are not too conspicuous, blended with a little minimalism of white, black, and gray hues. With extremely affordable prices and lovely, high-quality cement tiles merged to make a harmonious, whole that is extremely attractive.

gạch bông ốp tường, lát nền lộn xộn

Patchwork cement tiles with Black white and gray color

  1. Designs V20-200 of Cement Tile

Design V20-200 of cement tile– Viettiles' best-selling cement tile.  This is the most common design of handmade cement tiles. Design with traditional patterns gives homeowners an emotional connection to traditional ideals.

gạch bông ốp tường, lát nền cổ điển

Design V20-200 of handmade cement tiles for the wall

  1. Design V20-007 of handmade cement tiles

The same as model V20-200 of encaustic cement tiles, the same classic style combines 2 black and dark blue colors. When you use this beautiful pattern of wall tiles with high quality in your decoration, it will help your home to have a luxurious and antique style.

gạch bông ốp tường, lát nền cổ điển

Model V20-007 of wall cement tiles

  1. Model VH23-027 of hexagonal cement tiles

The model VH23-027 hexagonal pattern with five-ray patterns with diverse colors and pattern effects on the designs will satisfy the creativity of homeowners when using this wall tile model.

gạch bông lục giác

Model VH23-027 of hexagonal cement tiles

  1. Patchwork terrazzo cement tiles

Similar to patchwork cement tiles, with effective anti-slip properties - patchwork terrazzo tiles are suitable for wall cladding, bathroom flooring, and garden areas, ... The line of beautiful and quality terrazzo cement tiles combine to create a tiles array that is both decorative and applicable for space.

gạch bông đá mài

Patchwork terrazzo cement tiles

  1. Model V20-271 of handmade cement tiles

The cement tile model has been trusted by many domestic and international consumers - V20-271, which are available in a variety of colors. There are typical geometric patterns of cement tiles so far.

gạch bông ốp tường đẹp

Model V20-272 in white and light green color

gạch bông ốp tường, lát nền đẹp

Model V20-271 for wall and floor decoration.

  1. Model V20-542

Again, a geometric pattern of cement tiles, but with a vibrant color combination, it gives you a new experience with cement tiles.

gạch bông ốp tường, lát nền

Model V20-542 of handmade cement tiles

  1. Model V20-443

Continuing to be the classic and semi-classical style of cement wall tiles that are the market tendency of Viettiles. Straightforward, not overly fussy, but make sure the space has good aesthetics and quality.

gạch bông ốp tường, lát nền

Model V20-443 of handmade cement tiles

  1. Model VH23-068

The "honeycomb" pattern of the VH23-068 wall tiles makes many customers like their eyes and choose to use them.

gạch bông lcuj giác ốp tường, lát nền

Model VH20-068 of handmade cement tiles

  1. Model V20-098

In addition to being used for wall cladding, traditional patterned wall tiles measuring 200x200mm are also utilized to decorate other spaces. The quality of Viettiles cement tiles is characterized by their high durability and thick pigment layer.

gạch bông ốp tường, lát nền cổ điển

Wall cement tiles model V20-098

  1. Model V20-061

When clients use the coin-shaped cement tile model V20-061 for walls and floors, wealth and richness are created. Customers can order manufacture at Viettiles in a variety of hues and mix colors for any product to suit their preferences. We are dedicated to providing you with the most exquisite wall tiles and wall tiles.

gạch bông đồng tiền

Wall cement tiles model V20-061

In addition to the Top 10+ most popular wall cement tile models available at Viettiles, clients can freely select the tile model that best suits their needs. In particular, Viettiles is certain that it can meet all customer requirements thanks to its wide range of product lines, which include cement tiles, breeze blocks, Terrazzo tiles, 3D wall tiles,... and ornamental products manufactured from cement tiles, such as flower pots and zodiac tiles.

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