Viet Nam Wakes Up At Cement Tile Factory Of Viettiles

Dec 02 , 2019  |  470

Encaustic cement tiles with artistic aesthetic completely made by hand in an environmentally friendly process, are increasingly applied in many constructions for floor and wall decoration. With the "Vietnam waking up" program, we can explore Viettiles 'factory with lots of interesting things from our cement tiles.

A new day begins with a lot of passion from our craftsmen for each encaustic cement tile made out of emotion and meticulous hands. The happiness of customers when receiving cement tiles from Viettiles is the motivation for our artisans to make more efforts to create the most beautiful tiles. The creativity of the Viettiles team also brings many lovely applications from cement tile to life. Beautiful pots and cute coasters are always interesting gifts for our customers!

Lovely pots from cement tiles for decoration of work table