VCBS-009-1000 Pinwheel 2

Pattern Code: VCBS-009-1000 Pinwheel 2

Dimension: 190x190x80 mm

Weight: 3,6 kgs

Pieces/Box: 4

Color Theme: Xi măng trắngXi măng nâu

Color Code: Xi măng trắng.Xi măng nâu

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Pinwheel breeze block-Stories about childhood


Colorful and vivid childhood recollections of pinwheels spinning in the wind can be found in any of us. That image is familiar, evoking memories of a bygone era. Viettiles was inspired by that pinwheel image to design a lively breeze block called Pinwheel. Pinwheel breeze blocks are a breath of fresh air in terms of design and lighting effects, creating a breakthrough in interior and exterior design. Furthermore, Pinwheel breeze blocks with four grooves make it easier to deeply embed iron rebar during construction, ensuring safety and firmness for work.


Breeze block Pinwheel 2

Breeze block Pinwheel 2

Breeze block Pinwheel 2