Exclusive Tile Design

Feb 25 , 2017  |  9,054

With a strong team of mold handcraftmen, we can meet any requirement, even with the most complex and delicate designs on the possible shortest delivery time. For the exclusive designs, Viet Tiles implements the strictly procedure in order to control the copyrights of tiles’ patterns output as well as the defected products. It is not only about protecting our customers, but also about respecting our customer’s creative art-works.


There are many famous interior designers choose Viet Tiles - as the reliable partner - to make their exclusive desigsn. We have shipped their designs worldwide under designer's instruction. It  makes their tile exclusive designs present around the world easily. Viet Tiles has internal process to control and manage the copyrights of patterns, to be sure their designs are truely exclusively. 


Nowadays, the famous industrial designers or  stylists in the world have more and more demand for cement tiles products to create their signature in every project. Viet Tiles are proud to be the cement tiles suppliers for many famous designers in the U.S. and Europe, through projects like restaurant for celebrities on Lafayette street in New York City, Starbucks coffee shops, restaurants in London, or hotels in Las Vegas …

Step 1: Every details of mold is bended piece per piece, exactly from original drawing

Step 2: Our mold handcraftman will weld all details together. The mold must be absolutely flat in the surface and be straight side by side. All such factors are very important for a beautiful tile 

Step 3: One worker will use one mold. If we want to speed up production, we need to make more than 01 mold. Everymold must be coded and controled the well match between tiles