How to order

Aug 28 , 2018  |  8,121


All tiles of Viet Tiles has been coded in our system with the prefix number as following. If you want to search product by group of dimension, you just put the following codes in the search box:

V20: Square Tile Size 200x200 mm

V15: Square Tile Size 150x150 mm

V14: Square Tile Size 140x140 mm

V10: Square Tile Size 100x100 mm

VH20: Square Tile Size 230 x 200  mm

VH17: Hexagon Tile Size 200 x 174 mm

VL20: Colonial Tile Size 200x200 mm

VL26: Colonial Tile Size 260x260 mm


1. Send your order to us:

- Please select the tiles' pattern, color theme, and quantity in order segment. Then send the order to us via this web site. Your order is submited successful if you receive an email automatically from our system with your full order details. If you find something incorrect or need to change, please forward this email with your adjustment to our email

2. Order Confirmation:

- Within 08 working hours after receiving your order, we will contact with you either by email or phone to consult about color, pattern and time of delivery
- If you need to have approved sample or new color distribution in your design, our people will aslo discuss and confirm in this time. The sample will be prepared and submit for your approval after the contract is signed.

3. Contract and Payment:

- After all terms and conditions are confirmed, you need to sign the Profoma Invoice and return us in copy. The payment also need to be done as agreement
- The sample will be submit for your approval within 3-7 days after the Profoma Invoice is confirmed.

4. Production:

- Right after the sample is approved, you will be updated regularly and automatically from our system, such as  total quantity produced up-to-date, loading date, shipping date... 
- You can also access to our web site track&trace with our provided username and password. From this web site, you can see the past record of your order too.

5. Delivery

- The production is always updated to you from our system. Then you can actively arrange the transporation or booking to receive cargoes.
- Prior the actual delivery date 5-7 days, we will contact you for delivery confirmation before your cargoes are delivered to site or to port.