Tulip Stone 2

Pattern Code: VT20-098-T-02

Dimension: 200 x 200 x 16 mm

Weight: 1.35 KG/pcs

Pieces/Box: 12 pcs/box - 25 pcs/sqm

Color Theme: CR100CR200

Color Code: CR100.CR200

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TULIP STONE 2 - Beautiful "mysterious" cotton tile pattern

Has your work completed the raw? Are you looking for a good and reputable supplier of paving and walling materials for your work? You choose cotton tiles - ventilation tiles for your work? Come to VIET TILES - the most reputable cotton tile supplier in Ho Chi Minh City, committed to bringing our customers quality products, diversified models with the most preferential prices.

Introducing TULIP STONE 2 - beautiful classic brick pattern

TULIP STONE 2 is a brick pattern as its name suggests, the pattern is inspired by the mysterious black tulips that bring a "mysterious" nuance to the viewer when facing.

TULIP STONE cotton tiles - classic tulip pattern tiles

TULIP STONE cotton tiles - classic tulip pattern tiles

Tulip is a famous flower in the country of Holland, it represents wealth, fame and a perfect love. This flower blooms in spring, when the darkness of the winter has been abolished to bring new life to nature and people. Therefore, Tulip becomes a beautiful symbol for eternal life.

Lựa chọn hoa văn hoa tulip phù hợp cho công trình hiện đại

Choose from tulips for modern buildings

Flower leaves, shapes, natural colors, symmetrical styles are familiar and popular details for all types of tiles. TULIP STONE is no exception, the pattern of these tiles is inspired by beautiful Tulip flowers.

Suggestions for TULIP STONE application for the project

TULIP STONE 2 mainstream with outstanding black color, so follow the classic bit for the project. This type of bricks is not picky in style, however, customers should consult carefully to easily make the most suitable choices.

For example, construction of TULIP STONE tiles for restaurants, hotels or fine art works, museums, libraries ... Or you can install this type of brick for your home to make a difference.


Construction of TULIP cotton bricks for construction

Construction of TULIP cotton bricks for construction

You should note: Cotton tiles of VIET TILES are products that are completely crafted, produced based on specific orders from customers. Therefore, VIET TILES recommends ordering more than 3 -5% of demand to ensure the most comfortable and efficient use.