About Us


Viettiles is the manufacturer of handmade cement tile, breeze block, terrazzo cement tiles which is produced by the traditional craft methods with many years experienced craftmen in Vietnam.

- Currently, Viettiles has more than 4,000 designs of cement tiles with rich patterns in many styles from modern, classic to semi-classical... and 160 European standard colors to give customers a variety of choices. We can customize the color of the cement tiles according to your preferences and accept production according to the new model.

- Viettiles terrazzo is a high-class building material product line, crystallized from the aesthetic and human values of the traditional cement tile product line, blended with the durability, luxury and modernity of the trendy terrazzo tiles line. Terrazzo cement tiles when used in high-class areas that require luxury and distinction thanks to the sophistication and class of decorative stone and mother-of-pearl on the surface.

-In addition, Viettiles has more than 90 designs of breeze blocks/ ventilation blocks to create an impressive and new look for your project. At Viettiles, we are proud of having unique and novel designs of breeze blocks/ ventilation blocks on the market. Products follow trends in line with consumer tastes.

All Viettiles products are manufactured by hand using environmentally friendly green materials. The whole production process does not release CO2, no greenhouse effect.

Together with our modern and professional production management  system. Products "Made in Vietnam - Handmade by Viettiles" have been got the great favor from many tiles & building materials distributor around the world, as well as, have been presented in many typical projects. Viettiles is a joyful workplace of people who have great experiences more than 20 years in this business. Our people have the great love and passion to the beauty of cement tile !

Currently, Viettiles has three factories producing cement tiles, breeze blocks/ Ventilation blocks and terrazzo cement tiles in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Phuoc Province with a total production capacity of 65,000 m2/month with more than 400 skilled workers. 

With the wide product ranges of designs, dimension and shapes, Viettiles is trusted by many designers and architects from over the world and Vietnam to produce customized fpr the colors, designs, shapes,... for their projects. This is because we can help our clients to perfect and translate their ideas and studio artworks into decorative and colorful tiles.  We can commit the possible shortest delivery time in this business. Delivery time and integrated solutions in the supply chain so that Viettiles customers always feel comfortable and satisfied since the beginning of the story about cement tiles with Viettiles. 

Viettiles and our craftsmen, who have devoted their whole life to making tiles, pour our soul into our work. Quality is always our priority:  We dedicate our efforts and pay close attention to every detail of each and individual tile. Additionally, Viettile invests in our team of material engineers, who continuously research to find and apply new materials to our manufacturing processes. Our aims are to prolong the lifespan of our products, and maintain their colors and beauty under different application and usage.

Viettiles’ state of the art management system will contribute to the success of your supply chain. With our track-n-trace system, we can regularly update you on production schedule once your order is confirmed. Viet Tiles' factories have been verified and certified for Quality Management System ISO 9001 for kinds of handmade products. Our factory is also verified for Social Responsibility Auditing by Bureau Veritas S.A. The company always takes care and implements many support policies and ensure full social insurance for all employees of the factories. We always believe that only happy craftsmen who love their craft can take care and create beautiful, delicate and on each tile made.

Feel the exciting difference when accompanying us on your projects!