Cement block installation guide

Aug 27 , 2018  |  17,227

Prepare the Subfloor:

_Clean the floor surface, flatten the surface with mortar or cement. Do not build cement blocks on the surface which is too smooth or fragile, such as glazed tiles, mosaic, glass,...

Prepare the cement mortar:

_Use conventional mortar (cement with size 1.0-1.2 clean sand, and water).

_Or use mortar mixed with glue as specified on the packaging of the mortar used.

_Mortar mix must be not too wet.

_Ratio of mortar and cement according to project requirements.

Curing before and after installation:

_Before installation, curing the tiles by watering.

_Once completed, watered moisturizing the whole wall. Frequency of irrigation 4 times / day and continuously for 5 days, guaranteed in the allotted time must always be moisturized wall.

 *Note*: Curing cement blocks before and after installation is very important, it will affect the quality of the wall.


_Spread the mortar along the corner. Spread the mortar along the corner. Use your trowel to spread a few slabs of mortar around the corner's base of the footing. Spread the mortar 1" deep and 8" wide in the marked area. Continue to spread the mortar to account for the distance of about three to four blocks.

_Starting build from the corner, and then build the rest of the wall.

_Follow this approach for other corners in the remaining walls.

_Continue to spread the mortar to build the next row. Use your trowel to smooth the grout and position the blocks in the correct position.

_Thickness of mortar line is about 5-10mm. Flexible adjustable mortar but not too much (maximum thickness of 20mm for the wall array with a height not exceeding 2.5 m and 3 m wide).

_It is possible to use tile cutter to cut block when necessary.

_Use the trowel to remove all excess mortar and reuse them. Do not leave this mortar wasteful.