Cement block installation guide

Aug 27 , 2018  |  75

Prep the Subfloor:

_Clean the floor surface, flatten the surface with mortar or cemented. Do not build bricks on the surface too smooth or fragile, such as glazed tiles, mosaic, glass,...

Surface to build block.

Prepare the cement mortar:

_Use conventional mortar (cement and clean sand with size 1.0-1.2, and water). Before the construction should conduct experiments sand and water to prevent sand and saltwater intrusion.

_Or use mortar mixed with glue as specified on the packaging of the mortar used.

_Mortar mixed with medium plasticizer, not too wet.

_Ratio of mortar and cement according to design requirements.

Pre and post-curing construction:

_Before applying, moisten the tiles by watering.

_Once completed, watered moisturizing the wall. Frequency of irrigation 4 times / day and continuously for 5 days, guaranteed in the allotted time must always be moisturized wall.

 *Note*: Moisture for block before and after construction is very important, it will affect the quality of the walls.

Carry out construction:

_Spread the mortar along the corner. Spread the mortar along the corner. Use your trowel to spread a few slabs of mortar around the corner's base of the footing. Spread the mortar 1" deep and 8" wide in the marked area. Continue to spread the mortar to account for the distance of about three to four blocks.

_Building on the corner before, and then build the rest of the wall.

_Follow this approach for other angles in the remaining walls. Locate several bricks for each direction. Attach wire to two bricks at two corners (in the first row) and stretch them to mold the remaining tablets.

_Continue to spread the mortar to build the next row. Use your trowel to smooth the grout and position the bricks in the correct position.

_Thickness of mortar is about 5-10mm. Flexible adjustable mortar but not too much (maximum thickness of 20mm for the wall array with a height not exceeding 2.5 m and 3 m wide).

_It is possible to use tiles cutter to cut block when necessary.

_Use the trowel to remove all excess mortar and reuse them. Do not leave this mortar wasteful.

_In the case of breeze block wall need to open a window, it must pour bracing concrete and 2 on the sides. Thickness is from 30-50mm wide opening. Do not leave open air wider than 1.2m. Can use steel frame 8-10mm thick make the frame of the box to put the brick up. The depth of the mold is about the thickness of wall (usually 110-220mm thick)

Height and width of brick wall brick wind.

_The height of 2.5-3m should be braced. Concrete about 3-5cm thick to lock the brick again.

The width of about 4-5m should be concrete pillars or brick pillars to lock the wall.

_Measure the width and height of the brick wall to build. Then divide the distance of the brick, If the tile spacing is more than 20mm the distance between bricks should be closer (about 5-10mm) is the most beautiful, and the extra distance to the edge of the wall and will be inserted in this gap mortar.It is possible to test the bricks in the construction site. It does not need mortar to divide the distance.