Cement tiles are handmade, aesthetic tiles, made of the environmentally friendly materials such as: cement, sand, stone powder, natural pigment. The modern cement tiles is to elevate, honor the value of the old cement tiles. Thanks to the contribution and spread of designers, the modernity of technology and colors, modern cement tiles are becoming more varied and diverse. There is an large range of different shapes to be offered from the modern cement tiles such as colonial, fish scale... The modern cement tiles are not only normal floor products, but also expressed as the products of art, decoration, and wisdom.

Emotional value: The cement tiles can express characters, styles, coloration's of users, which is easily meet their demand in changing suitable colors, custom patterns... It can create the decoration and highlight for projects. Technical characteristics: The cement tile has long-term use, and be more beautiful by time. Warm and cool products: With the standard thickness of 16 mm, cement tiles is considered as the very good insulation products in both hot and cold weather

Cement tiles are traditional handmade products which produced piece by piece, so the production capacity is not too much compare to ceramic or other industrial materials. There are some small defects, not 100% perfect due to handmade products. It is hard to clean & maintain. Cannot make the big size ( both mold + tile = 80 kgs for standard dimension 200 x 200 x 16 mm. Small size is suitable for labor human.

Main applications: apply on the floors and walls. However, the cement tiles is used to decorated as: hang pictures, pots, table tops,… (Access the information in cataloge, website, facebook of Viettiles).

Used for all floor & wall applications. However, special consideration for cement tiles that used for outside to avoid thermal shock. Do not use any acids or bleach to clean on cement tiles. Apply cement tile on pool: Salt water pool: ok Fresh water pool: limit to change water because of javel will fade the surface of tiles. Can use in toilet, but need to clean often.

Can use for outside but we don’t recommend and don’t give a warranty because: The color fading will happen faster with the time because of the affect of UV from direct sunlight. There are crack on the tile.

Dry condition: Compare with other floor tiles, cement tile have coefficient of friction is highest, most safe. Wet condition: the same with other tiles. Need to wipe out water before using.

Viettiles's cement tile have superior waterproofing ability compared to other suppliers. It has ability to anti the stain in 1 hour, so need to clean timely the stain

Viettiles use better sealer compare with other suppliers. Our quality of pigment layer is better with brighter color. Viettiles's cement tile are chosen to use for many big projects of VinGroup such as: Phu Quoc Vinpearl, Nha Trang Vinpearl, all coffee shops of Vietnam Starburg sytems, ect. Viettiles's tiles also has been exported to more than 40 countries on the world such as: South Korea, Sweden, Norway, USA, Japan,...

Viettiles is proud of being top two of biggest cement tile manufacturer. We have two factories: The first factory: Le Minh Xuan Industrial part, Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh City The second factory: At Binh Phuoc Province.

The price is suitable with our quality. Viettiles offer the products with medium- high quality.

Domestic market: 500 pcs=20 sqm/ each pattern. Export market: 720 pcs= 28.2 sqm/ each pattern.

The lead time for samples: Available mold: 5-7 days/ samples. New mold: 10-15 days/ samples.

Depend on pattern and size of the cement tiles.

We can do but we don’t recommend. We have 100 standard color. Should recommend customer choose standard color from Viettiles.

Depend on each customer and the quantity, patterns of order. Priority to produce order with big quantity. Recommend the customer order small quantity to choose stock tiles. Standard production time: 35 days from the date we receive deposit for FCL order.

We don’t give a warranty to our cement tiles because they are handmade tiles, the color fastness depend on purpose and habit of using.

We don’t accept to return or change the cement tiles because we produce as customer's requests. If the customer want to return or change products, they will loose deposit. If Viettiles delivery wrong products, we will solve as our process: the customer need to provide fully claim report & pictures,....

Quickly to clean the stain, use water to clean. After that using sandpaper to rub and re-cover the surface by sealer.

Reason: don’t soak the tile in the water before construction. Solution: soak the tile in the water before construction. After construction: continuous clean with water.

Each cement tile is handmade from natural materials so slight variations in color, shape, thickness are accepted as production standard TCVN6065-1995.

Cement tile grade A meet the production standard TCVN 6065- 1995 with nice surface. Cement tile grade B don’t meet the production standard such as: defect surface.

Cement tiles were covered by sealer : If customer preserve well the cement tile, don’t need to re-cover sealer because they are covered 2 layer of sealer. After 3-5 used year, cement tiles will fossilize and be durable and beautiful with the time. Can buy the sealer from Viettiles if the customer want to cover more.

In 2018, we have color chip with 100 standard colors.

Viettiles have 60 various dimension. But most popular size is square tile 200 x 200 x 16 mm and hexagon tiles 230 x 200 x 16mm.

Cement terrazzo tiles: Structural Grading Materials: mix large stones with plen structures which can eliminate the coefficient of expansion. The stone occupies 50% of the surface. The cement tiles: uniform structure, homogeneous expansion. The 3rd tiles: Grooves on the surface have small expansion coefficient.

The standard thickness of cement tiles is 16 mm and this tile is used for normal walking place. If using cement tiles for high walking or high loading place, need to consider the structure of floor. Loading >10 tons < 30 tons: Minimum thickness 3-3.5 cm. Loading > 30 tons < 50 tons: Minimum thickness 3.5- 5 cm. Thickness of square tile 20 x 20 is 18 mm minimum."

From 80-100 pcs/ days depend on the dimension and patterns of the tiles.

The thickness of pigment layer is 2.5 mm as production standard TCVN 6065 - 1995, Viettiles is proud of our pigment layer that is always 2.5 mm or over. This make us different with other supplier.

Cement tiles can use in kitchen, but if there are some tiles has not covered by sealer yet, need to be cover by sealer after construction.

No if just normal walking.

Nature of cement tiles is natural polish, with more walking, the floor will be more polish. Or can use floor polisher to polish floor up.