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Apr 18 , 2019  |  8,235

Breeze block is environmentally friendly material and bring many benefits, helping the living space to be close to nature. Breeze block in home design becomes hot trend in green construction. It would have tips to choose type of breeze block which is appropriate for your projects.

The following article, VIET TILES will give you the basic information about breeze blocks as well as quotation of breeze block so that you can consider and choose the most reasonable one for your projects.

Báo giá gạch bông gió đẹp, chất lượng đang trở thành xu thế trong thiết kế hiện nay

Breeze blocks are becoming a trend modern designs

What are breeze block?

Breeze block is also known as ventilation block or perforated block. This kind of material has been used for a long time in Viet Nam. Breeze block is composed of hollow solid block with ventilation holes, diverse in designs, stylized textures in prominent shapes such as round, square, cube, leaf, flower ... with aesthetic province very high. In addition to decorating and accentuating buildings, wind bricks also help block the sun to block dust, catch natural wind and sunlight, help to release heat easily, help the space become airy and full of life.

Báo giá gạch bông gió đẹp, chất lượng tạo nên điểm nhấn của ngôi nhà

Breeze block creates unique accent for house

The beautiful breeze block designs are widely used in modern design

Breeze block is a material that has existed for a long time and has become familiar to Vietnamese people. In the past, breeze block designs are simple in shape and structure. Almost designs are square with flower motifs, leaves. Through the creativity of a lot of architects, designers and also Viettiles team, breeze block has been designed in a variety of shapes such as: cubes, pudding, rectangles, apricot shapes, butterfly wings ... Additionally, each design can be made in different colors, satisfying all the needs of customers’s home design.


The trend of using breeze blocks in construction design

Currently, breeze block are becoming a trend in green construction and design. The high aesthetics of mid-century breeze block is suitable for many construction styles from classic to modern creating highlight for the project. In addition, the use of breeze block also brings natural ventilation and sunlight for inside space. Compared with other decorative block, the price of breeze block is affordable for home construction budget of many people. Refer to the quotation of breeze block provided by the supplier to get the best comparison and choice.

Báo giá gạch bông gió đẹp, chất lượng giúp không gian thoáng đãng

The space designed with breeze block becomes airy and close to nature

Townhouses will be no longer closed design. Breeze block is widely used by architects for house to create the harmony and open space with high aesthetics.


Some trendy designs of breeze block

Square breeze block: This type stands out with patterns such as a 4-petal flower, a leaf, a star, a diamond, four symmetrical Y letters, a Y, a cube ...

Rectangular breeze block: Rectangular breeze blocks are often designed with patterns, such as: flowers, coins ...

Mountain breeze block: this design is usually suitable for the needs of ventilating cladding, dust, welcome light but still ensure privacy and safety for inside space.

Báo giá gạch bông gió đẹp, chất lượng về giá cả

Select a reliable supplier of breeze block to ensure quality and price

Reliable manufacturer provides breeze block with high quality and diverse models

Because the demand for breeze block become increasing, there are many manufacturer providing different types of breeze block on the market. To get the best quality and accurate quotation, you should look to reputable and quality addresses when choosing to buy to ensure the quality for your construction projects.


VIET TILES is one of the leading reputable breeze block in Vietnam. Breeze block are manufactured by skilled and experienced artisans in an eco-friendly unburnt process. VIET TILES products are highly trusted by architects and designers for their design as well as quality. With more than 40 designs of breeze block, VIET TILES will cater to all needs of design style.


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