Trendy Pattterns On Handmade Cement Tile

Apr 18 , 2019  |  1,320

The beautiful cement tiles of VIET TILES not only have sharp lines, elegant colors, but also ensure durable quality and environmental friendliness.

In this article, let us go through the beautiful cement tiles currently "hot hits" on a crowded market and consumers appreciate the public!

The most beautiful samples of cement tiles

Square cement tiles are the most popular design in civil constructions. The number of patterns and colors of this tile has now reached several hundred, so customers have a lot of interesting options.

Cement tiles have patterns like coins

Các mẫu gạch bông đẹp hoa văn đồng tiền trang trí

                                    Beautiful pattern tiles as coins

If you like the simple, sophisticated style, the coin cement tile pattern can make you happy! In terms of feng shui, tile pattern looks like money will bring customers a lot of luck in fortune.

Cement tiles with stylized floral motifs

Flowering buds and buds symbolize spring, bringing good omen and hopes. The stylized flower-shaped tile pattern not only gives the house a new beauty with natural colors, but also sends good wishes to your family.

Cement tiles with geometric motifs

Simple design with straight lines, curves, triangles, circles, squares, etc… seems never outdated.

Although there are few or more details, this pattern of floor tiles always exudes a unique style of "math" and harmonizes with all architectural styles.

The terrazzo cement tile beautiful pattern

Abrasive stone tiles may seem "dry" at first, but the unexpectedly creative patterns on the tiles can make your soul soar.

Snowflake terrazzo cement tiles

Inspired by the fragile snowflakes of the cold winter, the snow crystal tiles will "blow" into the building space a modern and new style.

Four-leaf clover terrazzo cement tiles

Các mẫu gạch bông đẹp hoa văn cỏ bốn lá trang trí

                               Four-leaf clover terrazzo cement tiles

Many people believe that clover is a symbol of luck. Using this product as floor tiles, yard or wall tiles will bring a positive mood to customers and add vitality to the space.

Starfish cement terrazzo tiles

Many types of cement terrazzo tiles are now also created according to the theme of the sea, such as starfish tiles.

This is a great choice for those who like to bring the mysterious and peaceful beauty of the ocean into their works.

The beautiful breeze block patterns

Not inferior to the above-mentioned cement tiles, the breeze blocks are also very diverse in color and style. The beauty of this rustic tile is most evident when there is light shining through the holes that highlight the pattern.

The square breeze block

Products with a classic style and very elegant this is always crowded customers. Products will contribute to bring about Asia's wall for you.

The breeze block Y-shaped

Creativity with the letters can also produce fancy and lovely products, for example, the Y-style breeze block.

This product has a lot of space to create maximum ventilation for the space inside the building, and the lines are not too complicated to help you easily clean.

Mountain-shaped breeze block

Các mẫu gạch bông gió hình bánh ú đẹp trang trí

                                     Mountain-shaped breeze block

This is one of the most commonly used models for outdoor walls.

This unique type of ventilation block is structured to cover the three sides and only has a wheel shaped space to let the wind flow through at the bottom.

As a result, the product both helps to get natural light and air circulation in the building, while avoiding rain.

Address selling beautiful and cheap blocks in Ho Chi Minh City

The trend of using cement tiles in houses and public buildings has come back and gives customers many interesting art styles. It is undeniable that, beautiful tiles will add aesthetic value to the architectural space greatly. VIET TILES is a prestigious manufacturer of handmade cement tile, committed to quality and ensuring progress for all customers. Please quickly contact us for advice and own beautiful tiles with the best price.


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