Beautiful Designs Of Breeze Block

Apr 18 , 2019  |  10,461

Breeze block is classic construction materials that is familiar to Vietnamese people. Perforated walls with a unique breeze block bring not only high aesthetics but also natural ventilation to living space. Currently, there are many beautiful designs of breeze block, which are widely used in modern construction.

VIET TILES has many years of experience in supplying breeze block for big construction projects. A variety of more than 40 designs of breeze block help customers to choose beautiful one for their home design.

Các mẫu gạch bông gió đẹp tạo điểm nhấn thẩm mỹ cho công trình

Breeze blocks create aesthetic accents for the project

The great advantages of breeze block

Nowadays, living space is getting narrowed. Concrete walls, reinforced concrete buildings bring heavy, squash and cramped feels. Using breeze block will reduce the rigidity for these projects. The rough wall becomes more friendly and attractive by replacing with breeze block wall.

Not only brings the friendly feeling, breeze block also brings natural ventilation and light for the project. In almost all constructions, the open and bright element is always a top priority and concern. Good air and light circulation creates a healthier, more energetic environment that makes living space more comfortable.


Not only creates favorable conditions with sunlight and ventilation for the room, the use of breeze block also brings high aesthetics and originality. The different designs of breeze block give many choice for project. Additionally, breeze block could be applied in many different decoration for home such as bookshelf frames, fences, partitions wall, which brings unique beauty and sophistication.

Các mẫu gạch bông gió đẹp giúp lưu thông thông khí

Breeze blocks help to circulate air and receive sunlight


Besides being used for wall cladding, breeze block could be used to make partitions between rooms for connecting space. Instead of using concrete walls, breeze block can be designed for the individual characteristics. Breeze block partitions also save construction costs and materials as well as make living spaces more airy and more scientific.

Nowadays, all products are close and environmentally friendly. After the government issued Circular 13/2017 / TT-BXD on the regulation of using unburnt construction materials for construction works, beautiful and modern breeze blocks are popular for community loving green architecture. Terracotta block is replaced by unburnt materials, which is highly recommended for not affecting health.

The beautiful designs of breeze block in architecture

Nowaday, breeze block is developed with a variety of designs which are different from the first breeze blocks in 1930s with simple squares or floral motifs.  Cube, apricot, butterfly wings ...these designs are applied to create new designs for breeze block. There are many choices, but it should be careful to choose one that suits the project.

Houses in big city often have limited space easily causing a sense of urgency and stuffy. Instead of using heavy concrete walls, using breeze block will create accents and change the boring appearance of the house. The house will be rich in vitality, airy and more comfortable by creating natural flow, natural light from the outdoors into the house.

Các mẫu gạch bông gió đẹp tạo điểm nhấn cho ngôi nhà

Breeze blocks help to circulate air and create a highlight for the house

The "leaves" help your home come alive and close to nature. Leaves in the garden. Leaves are indoors. The leaves around us bring the most relaxation and comfort.

With the LEAF VCB-011 leaf pattern tile, the wall becomes more harmonious and beautiful.

Các mẫu gạch bông gió đẹp đem lại sự thân thiện với thiên nhiên

Breeze block brings nature close to our life

Breeze block can be used for wall decoration. With many colors, shapes and sizes, wind tiles are now widely used in buildings, even decorating bars, cafes, etc.

Các mẫu gạch bông gió đẹp đem lại ánh sáng tự nhiên cho căn phòng

Breeze block wall brings natural light to the room

VIET TILES offers more than 40 models of breeze block, you can choose the style, color and size that suit your home. According to the evaluation of architects, designers and many customer, VIET TILES breeze block has great quality which helps to bring beauty, lightness, sophistication, simple style to their designs. This is the salvage material for houses in hot weather region.



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