Oct 27 , 2023  |  119

The workshop was planned to provide more meaningful gifts to Viettiles' clients and partners. Viettiles also emphasized the connections between calligraphy and Vietnamese handmade cement tiles.

Calligraphy is an art form that demands concentration, patience, inventiveness, and consistent dedication... calligraphy is also a way of communicating meaning and feelings. Calligraphy and handmade cement tile creation share traits such as patience, ingenuity, and consistent practice to make works that demand formality and beauty.

The workshop is held on a regular basis by Viettiles' annual theme - Theme: The combination of handmade encaustic tiles and calligraphy art (2023). This workshop is part of Viettiles' workshop series project - Combining handmade encaustic tiles and calligraphy Art forms.

With the presence of Viettiles' long-time clients and partners, everyone could observe Master Tan's calligraphy art, who has more than ten years of expertise.

This year's calligraphy on encaustic cement tiles contains the following text: On the surface of the zodiac tile, write the name of the person you want to present to, along with your wishes, based on the giver's age or hobbies.

It was fortunate and joyful that our guests had many friends and relatives to whom they could give this important present.

Please let us know if you are aware of any art form that has a comparable connotation to our encaustic cement tiles; we would be grateful.