Encaustic cement tile: Vintage Aesthetic In Modern Living Space

Apr 18 , 2019  |  10,464

To make the architectural space a nostalgic style, you can choose ancient cement tiles to decorate. Join us to discover how to create a unique accent for the house and public buildings with classic tiles right here! Join us to discover how to create a unique accent for the house and public buildings with classic cement tiles right here!

Cement tile with classical pattern, also known as old cement brick, is an interesting highlight for architectural works that makes it difficult for anyone to take their eyes off.

Application of old cement tiles in decorating the house space

Gạch bông hoa văn cổ điển cao cấp

Classic cement tile pattern

Perhaps like cement tile pattern classic easily makes many people remember the memories of the house attached to childhood. Unexpectedly, the seemingly simple appearance of this type of brick can remind you of so much sympathy for us!

It is wrong to think that classical cement tile is an "old-fashioned" decoration material in modern times. Experiencing many ups and downs, up to now this beautiful tile has been chosen by many homeowners to adorn their living space.

The classical pattern cement tiles show a delicate artistic style and can be flexibly applied to many areas of the house.

Making a table surface in the living room.

Laying tiles on the table? Is this a good idea?

Perhaps many people will feel strange at the image of the table surface that is used with cement tiles. Try it and you won't be disappointed with this new design!

Decorate the office

The workspace is not necessarily too rigid, serious. Especially for creative people, working in a tedious room can negatively affect their productivity.

To further inspire work and creativity, homeowners can use vintage style tiles to decorate the walls or flooring. The effect will be above what you expect!

Use for bar and kitchen wall

In an eye-catching kitchen "dotted" with old bricks, you will have more motivation to enter the kitchen cooking, as well as more fun when enjoying delicious meals.

Cement tiles are tiled in the kitchen or the bar area to make the room fresher, turning it into an art performance space, not just a place for storing and processing food.

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Use the bathroom wall

Bathrooms should create a relaxing and refreshing feeling for everyone after a hard-working and studying day.

Homeowners can tile bathroom flooring with tiles, because this material has good hygroscopic properties.

In addition, the old wall tiles are used to create a new style for the bathroom. One thing to keep in mind is that you don't need to tile all the walls, since classical pattern tiles often have lots of patterns so they're easy to cause confusion.

Decorative flower pots

Green areas play an important role in creating a vibrant beauty and keeping the air open for the house.

If you are looking for a flower pot that is both beautiful and durable, don't forget the flower pot made of classical pattern tiles! This product category has a lot of models and colors for you to choose. And whether you put pots in the house or in the yard, it is also a very interesting natural corner, unique.

Used for balcony floor, corridor

Gạch bông cổ điển cao cấp

Classic cement tiles

Paving cement in the balcony area, the corridor will help homeowners have another architectural space full of art. It's comfortable to be relaxing in an impressively decorated space, right?

Decorate the stairs indoors and outdoors

Classic cement tile pattern also makes the accents for the stairs less monotonous. You can choose the same type of tiles with the floor, or tiled messy different types of bricks together.

Classic cement tiles in decorating public buildings

Using a classical pattern cement tile to decorate the interior and exterior of the house is a great idea. And using this brick to décor public areas is equally interesting!

Old cement tiles are easy to clean and create unique and luxurious accents for architectural space, so it is preferred by many cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Gạch bông xưa cổ điển cao cấp

Classic cement tiles

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