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Breezeblock is made from cement and sand, mixed in appropriate proportions to create beautiful breeze block units suitable for many different designs. This allows architects and homeowners to create unique spaces with special features.


There are 2 popular sizes of breeze blocks:

  • 190x190 mm size

The 190x190mm size breeze block is a popular type that is widely used in designs. Viettiles offers many beautiful breeze block patterns to make it easy for customers to choose. Breeze cement blocks are used for decorating interior and exterior spaces for various constructions such as houses, cafes, restaurants, etc.

Gạch bông gió kích thước 190x190 mm

Hình: Gạch bông gió kích thước 190x190 mm

  • 290x290 mm size

Compared to the 190x190mm breeze block, the 290x290mm size is less commonly used by customers. However, the non-fired ventilated block is often used for building fences and decorative partitions, helping to bring natural light and air to the space. The block is mechanically compressed, with extremely high compressive strength, and durability, environmentally friendly, and absolutely safe for users.

Gạch bông gió kích thước 290x290 mm

Hình: Gạch bông gió kích thước 290x290 mm

  • Special breeze blocks

In addition to the 2 standard sizes, Viettiles offers cement breeze blocks in different shapes and sizes, ensuring safety and aesthetics for the construction.

gach bong gio dac biet

Hình: Gạch bông gió đặc biệt


There are many beautiful and high-quality breeze block patterns on the market today. The patterns are diverse with eye-catching designs. Here are the 5 most popular beautiful breeze block patterns today:

  1. Flower model of breeze blocks (VCB-001- Flower)

Gạch bông gió flower

Hình: Gạch bông gió flower

  1. Leaf model of breeze blocks ( VCB-011- Leaf)

Gạch bông gió leaf

Hình: Gạch bông gió leaf

  1. Pinwheel model of breeze blocks ( VCBS-008 Pinwheel)

Gạch bông gió pinwheel 1

Hình: Gạch bông gió pinwheel 1

Gạch bông gió pinwheel 2

Hình: Gạch bông gió pinwheel 2

  1. Window model of breeze blocks ( VCB-023- Window)

Gạch bông gió window

Hình: Gạch bông gió window

  1. ECO model of Breezeblocks ( VCB-043, VCB-044- ECO)

Gạch bông gió ECO 1

Hình: Gạch bông gió ECO 1

Gạch bông gió ECO 2

Hình: Gạch bông gió ECO 2

Ventilation blocks have been around for quite a while, since the rise of baked clay blocks, and have now been embraced by many construction projects and contractors with materials made of cement, becoming a trend in home decoration today.

Here are the advantages of using ventilation bricks compared to other materials:

  • Ventilation blocks bring light and air into the space of the house.

  • They withstand harsh weather conditions as ventilation blocks are made of cement. Therefore, the lifespan of ventilation blocks is from 7 to 10 years before needing repainting and maintenance. The cost of renovation and repair is cheaper compared to other materials.
  • Ventilation blocks are easy to construct as they are made of cement, so the construction process is like normal blocks.
  • There are many different patterns of ventilation blocks for you to choose from, each with its own unique design for different architectural styles.