Kitchen Decor With Encaustic Cement Tile

Apr 18 , 2019  |  5,913

Kitchen tiles on the market today have many types of beautiful, easy to make customers confused when choosing to buy. Do you know the tips to choose kitchen tiles in Ho Chi Minh City that are cheap and good?

If not, please read this article to be "secret" by us!

Should choose the size of tiles like kitchen tiles?

Báo giá gạch ốp bếp đẹp giá rẻ tại tphcm

Beautiful tile pattern of modern decorative kitchen tiles

The size of the tiles is used to make the space look more spacious or vice versa. Homeowners should rely on the size of their kitchen to choose the size of tiles accordingly.

Most households now prefer cheap 30x30cm kitchen tiles, because these tiles are easy to install.

In addition, the kitchen is a difficult place to avoid grease and food stains due to food processing. The large size tile pattern with a smooth surface also makes cleaning your kitchen easier and faster.

On the other hand, the small size of small tiles will create a lively look for the kitchen, although the disadvantage of this option is that it has more mortar circuits, which leads to a longer construction process, and takes longer to clean.

A "secret" tiles suitable for other kitchen space that you should note is:

For rooms with large area but low ceilings, homeowners should tiled horizontally to bring a sense of airiness. And for small kitchen, vertical tiles will help more space.

What color and texture should kitchen tiles be beautiful for?

Báo giá gạch ốp bếp hoa văn đồng tiền giá rẻ tại tphcm

Tile pattern coins for kitchen space

Tile has a variety of colors and patterns, you can choose depending on your preferences, but still need compatibility with the kitchen furniture as well as the design style of the whole house.

Regarding the color, you should avoid choosing cold-colored tiles, for example blue kitchen tiles. Because this color is gentle but overwhelms the attractiveness of the dishes. According to feng shui, the kitchen area is a place to preserve the fortune and happiness of the whole family, cold colored tiles will adversely affect the positive energy of the kitchen.

In addition, red tiles are also considered unsuitable for kitchen tiles. The reason is because the stove belongs to Fire, the red color will increase the energy and "heat" of the kitchen, causing a heavy and frustrating psychology for everyone when staying in the kitchen for a long time.

In contrast to the above tones, white tiles bring a sense of cleanliness and ease of coordination with all interior design styles, so many families choose.

In addition, neutral colors such as beige, earthy brown, ... are also often selected, because they bring a warm, elegant feeling to the kitchen space. Feng shui experts also believe that these colors will bring stability and prosperity for your family.

You can also rely on the color of the floor tiles to choose the color of kitchen tiles.

For example, light colored floor tiles easily combine with kitchen wall tiles of any color. For dark colored floor tiles, you need brightly colored wall tiles to create a good contrast.

In terms of texture, homeowners can choose based on their desired design style. If you like simplicity, there are many beautiful, quality kitchen tiles for you to refer to.

And if you like your kitchen looks impressive and unique, patterns of kitchen tiles, geometric patterns, stripes or 3D tiles will help you!

The random pattern of tiles will bring a break in the kitchen, making your cooking space look like a work of art, helping you relax and enjoy every time you go to the kitchen.

Báo giá gạch ốp bếp đẹp giá rẻ tại tphcm

Kitchen tiles are cheap, beautiful and modern

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Hope that the content shared above will help you choose the type of kitchen tiles not only suitable but also adorn the family kitchen. Tiles have the advantage of being eye-catching, effective anti-fouling and easy to clean. To get quotation of cheap kitchen tiles in Ho Chi Minh City, please contact VIET TILES via the address below. Our company is a manufacturer of tiles for kitchen tiles in Ho Chi Minh City which is trusted by many big brands and meets TCVN standards of SGS Swiss Center in Vietnam. VIET TILES staff is committed to consulting and guiding the construction of a dedicated, thoughtful customer for quality kitchen tiles.


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