Bathroom Decor With Cemnet Tile

Apr 18 , 2019  |  3,714

Encaustic cement tiles are suitable for bathroom? Not only do encaustic cement tiles use for interior decoration following various of traditional style designs of different countries, but modern design can also use many patterns of cement tiles for home, building as an impressive point. Today, many bathrooms of high-class building, resort, hotel designed by talented architects become gorgeous with attractive cement tile patterns.

Read this article to know how to create a gorgeous bathroom space for your home!


Appropriate type of cement tiles for bathroom 


For bathroom, you need to use encaustic cement tiles with a rough, high-grip surface to avoid slipping. And for bathroom cement tiles for wall decoration, you can choosing cement tiles suitable with space decoration with different types of surface. 

To make the bathroom look bright and easy to clean, shiny cement tiles should be chosen.

Choose the cement tile patterns for bathroom 

Like a bedroom, a bathroom is a place for their own relaxing space. Therefore, design style  of this area should create the sense of comfortability and simplicity .

If colorful cement tile patterns can make you get confused and uncomfortable when entering this space, so it is difficult to feel relaxed and peaceful.

Therefore, encaustic cement tiles of the bathroom should be less patterned, especially the classical tiles to create a harmonious beauty for space.

Is it possible if you intend to use many different types of tiles to create a lively, eye-catching space for the bathroom? The answer is yes"! Your bathroom can completely be transformed into a unique space of "art" with patchwork cement tiles.

However, no matter how beautiful the bathroom cement tiles are, a part of bathroom should be covered by encaustic cement tiles.

Patterned wall for bathroom 

Appropriate color of cement tiles for bathroom

In case you only want to use one color for the bathroom, light colored cement tiles are the best option. Bright colors make the room space more bright, airy and clean.

White tiles are one of the most popular colors, chosen by many for the living room, dining room, and even the family bathroom.

Besides light-colored tiles, warm and warm colors will help the bathroom balance with the cold feeling by the water, and help you feel more refreshed.

Also, if you want to decorate a bathroom with a variety of colors, create accents by putting dark tiles on the bottom, and using light colored tiles for the upper part of the bathroom.

Choose the right size bathroom cement tiles

Typically, homeowners choose only square-shaped tiles, of the same size, to create uniformity.

The size of the tiles should also be compatible with the bathroom area, in order to create a "eye-catching" and harmonious bathroom space:

20x20 cement tiles are suitable for use in bathrooms with small areas, under 2 sqm..

20x20 or 30x30 cement tiles suitable for use in the living room with an average area or more.

Instead of tiling as usual, place cement tiles single or cross each other when you want to create attractive aesthetic style for the bathroom.

Vertical tiling creates a visual effect for the height of the bathroom. By contrast, horizontal tiling makes the bathroom space wider,and longer.

You should only use a tile border for bathroom with the height less than 2 meters. If your bathroom is higher, two tiles will help the room look more balanced.

Bathroom wall and floor decorated with cement tiles

Where to buy beautiful cement tiles for bathroom with high quality 

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