Gach op tuong gia re tai tphcm - 8 mau gach bong dam ca tinh

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Wall tiles are a solution to decorate the space, both beautiful and beautiful for houses and public areas, such as milk tea shops, cafes, etc.Not only that, using cement tiles is also guaranteed durable as well as more affordable than many other types of wall tiles.

If you are curious as to whether this "legendary" tile is suitable for walling of modern buildings, follow this article! Here are 8 beautiful tiles for your reference when you want to choose wall tiles.

Beautiful wall tiles with square tiles
Wall tiles contribute to perfect the beauty and style of an architectural space. Depending on where you intend to tiling with high aesthetic requirements, you can choose the type of tiles accordingly.

Tile today has many diverse applications, creating a rich beauty for people's living spaces. Not only can beautify the floor but this "classic" material also helps the walls become less empty. Just a few decorative tiles are enough for the whole work space to glow.

Báo giá gạch ốp tường giá rẻ tại tphcm

Wall tiles

If you love simple and modern style, then the tile pattern with only two contrasting colors black and white is an interesting suggestion for you.

Although not very colorful, this wall tile creates fancy symmetrical shapes, creating a sense of elegance and making people unable to take their eyes off.

Báo giá gạch ốp tường giá rẻ tại tphcm

Cheap wall tiles

With four basic colors green, red, yellow, white, this type of wall tiles is enough to attract your attention without being flashy and blinding.

The flowers on the tiles exude a youthful and somewhat nostalgic look, like bringing a warm spring to the room.

Báo giá gạch ốp tường giá rẻ tại tphcm

Cheap wall tiles in HCMC

This tile pattern is very suitable for customers who prefer elegance. The change of blue shades on the tiles brings a pleasant, smooth feeling, while the red and white motifs make the space more vivid.

Báo giá gạch ốp tường giá rẻ tại tphcm

Wall tiles in Ho Chi Minh City

Sometimes, the color doesn't mean it's beautiful, but the combination of black and white creates a never-ending luxury look.

It also includes only two simple tones like the tile model introduced above, but this type of wall tiles has a denser number of geometric patterns, creating a strong, modern style.

Unique wall tiles with grindstone tiles square
The abrasive tiles are coated with a tiny layer of granite, which has a completely different roughness and gloss than conventional tiles. These tiles are often used to pave the passageways, garden areas, and are especially impressive when used as decorative wall tiles.

Báo giá gạch ốp tường bằng gạch bông đá mài giá rẻ tại tphcm

Wall tiles made of abrasive stone

Inspired by lilies, the upper wall tiles feature flowers spreading out. Two gray-white colors combine to create a sense of nobility, very suitable for formal spaces such as living rooms, restaurants, ...

Báo giá gạch ốp tường giá rẻ bằng gạch bông đá mài tại tphcm


Cheap wall tiles with marble tiles

Your architectural space will be invigorated with this dotted marble tile with lots of dotted flowers.

The pattern of turmeric tiles received ideas from orchids and cared for every little detail, bringing nature into the building in a unique way.

Báo giá gạch ốp tường giá rẻ tại tphcm bằng gạch bông đá mài

Cheap wall tiles in Ho Chi Minh city with grindstone

If you are looking for a freshly colored marble tile, don't miss this design!

The patterns on the tiles simulate the charm of the peacock feathers, which will bring an Asian style to the whole project.

Báo giá gạch ốp tường bằng gạch bông đá mài giá rẻ tại tphcm

Wall tiles in Ho Chi Minh City with abrasive stone tiles

This is a sample of grindstone tiles with interesting geometry that you should not ignore. Only with circles and lines, this type of tile creates an eye-catching wall decoration.

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