Aug 15 , 2023  |  366

When choosing materials for the interior is still easy, there are fewer considerations than the materials used for the exterior.

Environmental factors and conditions can affect the adaptation of materials such as sunlight, humidity, temperature, mechanical impact, and pressure, ... a material wants to be Homeowners using the exterior need to ensure these "necessary conditions".

But not stopping there, today's material users set more criteria to go beyond "necessary conditions" and closer to "enough conditions" such as:

1. Aesthetics and elegance: in addition to the function of flooring and walling, unburnt materials are also diverse in size, shape, and sophistication of the surface, which will be more popular with today's customers.

Breeze blocks, in addition to the function of getting wind and bright, also bring a very high aesthetic beauty.

2. Saving raw materials and being environmentally friendly: Unburnt blocks are now considered an alternative to the traditional way of making blocks.

The method of making unburnt blocks and pressing provinces is preferred

3. Reasonable cost: materials need to be affordable, for long-term use and save maintenance costs.

Breeze blocks are durable over time.

4. "Personalization": materials that make personalization will become attractive to users because personalization makes users have a better, more satisfied experience, the value and benefits of Personalization are getting a lot of attention.

Each mold is designed specifically for a different pattern.

5. Easy to create and install: the materials come to the user's hand with instructions for construction and installation, safe even for non-specialists.

That said, it is not that the materials used in the "furniture" do not need the "sufficient conditions", but the "sufficient conditions" are given priority, and the "necessary conditions" are reduced.

Above are the things drawn from the people who research, develop, and produce the "unburnt tiles and blocks" material, hope you find the right material selection criteria for your home.