Notes for Using Encaustic Cement Tiles!

Mar 23 , 2024  |  103

Notes for Using Encaustic Cement Tiles!

Encaustic cement tiles are handmade tiles crafted from pigment, sand, cement, and dust stone. The artistic and unique nature, as well as the handcrafted production method, are the main attractions for customers when it comes to encaustic cement tiles.

Viettiles' encaustic cement tiles are durable due to their layer structure of the base and pigment layer thickness ranging from 2-3mm. However, when using encaustic cement tiles, customers should note the following to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal of the product:

- The floor should be regularly cleaned with clean water or diluted floor cleaner.

- Absolutely avoid using strong acidic cleaning agents on the surface of encaustic cement tiles as they can affect the colored enamel layer and the color of the tile floor.

- If there are stains on the floor such as tea, coffee, etc., it is best to clean them as soon as possible to prevent the stains from seeping into the colored enamel layer.

- You can apply a method to clean stains by using sandpaper of #320, #400, or #600 grit to lightly rub the surface of the stain with clean water until the stain becomes faint. Then, let the surface dry and apply a sealer layer.