On June 28, 2022, Viet Tiles took part in the matching session.

Jun 29 , 2022  |  328

On June 28, 2022, Viettiles participated in the Matching session to present traditional, unburnt cement tiles and breeze blocks—green products.

A spectacular event was held at Diamond Place Wedding Convention Center on June 28, 2022. with Viet Tiles and other businesses taking part.

Viet Tiles hopes that this event will help art enthusiasts, particularly those who appreciate the timeless beauty of cement tiles better understand traditional products- cement tiles and cement blocks, the methods used to make them, particularly those who appreciate the timeless beauty of cement tiles.

Here, samples of cement tiles and breeze blocks with unique patterns made by hand were displayed to introduce to everyone.

Samples of 3D texture cement tiles, terrazzo cement tiles, 12 zodiac animals cement tiles, lego cement tiles, ... are displayed and introduced by Viet Tiles.

Director of Viet Tiles - Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien introduced the product characteristics, production process as well as the product's outstanding features to the participants of this event.

Highlights of Viet Tiles cement tiles and breeze blocks:

- The product is not heated

- Production materials are poor materials

- Using ingredients available in nature

- Traditional handicraft products with bold artistic character, promoting the ingenuity of Vietnamese people

- Historical heritage products passed down through generations

- The delicate blend between designers and producers and consumers

Thereby, helping art lovers understand and deepen their understanding of cement tiles and breeze blocks which are produced by hand, without going through the heating process to help protect the environment.