Size of encaustic cement tiles

Jun 11 , 2019  |  6,785

Cement tile is a decorative material with diverse beautiful patterns, bringing delicate and cozy beauty for home and living space. Currently, many people choose cement tiles for interior decoration. However, to choose a pattern of cement tiles with appropriate size is not easy. VIETTILES would like to share some tips to help you gain more experience in choosing the cement tile size.

Common size of cement tile

Currently, there are many types of cement tiles with diverse sizes. The size of floor cement tiles is usually 20 x 20, 45 x 45, 75 x 75. For wall cement tiles, there are usually 25 x 75, 35 x 60, etc.


Regardless of whether the cement tiles are used for many purposes, the size and shape greatly influence the usability or aesthetics of that space. For floors smaller than 4 sqm, it is recommended to choose 30 x 30 size tiles combined with slanted tiles to create a sense of larger space. For floors larger than 4 sqm, you can choose the tiles of size 45 x 45, 75 x 75, ....


Diverse size of cement tiles

Size of cement tiles should be chosen according to the size of room or decorating space.

First, estimating floor size is important because it will determine how many cement tiles you need to buy as well as the amount of adhesive or mortar, which allows to have an overview before buying cement tiles and optimizing the cost.

If you want the estimation to be highly accurate, you can take a grid of paper and draw patterns of the floor and walls, then try to arrange the cement tiles as you like. You should create a few prototypes of floor space to try out a few different ideas about patterns of cement tiles, then compare them and reference from experienced people so that you can choose the most suitable ideas for your home.

Space has a small area. For spaces with a narrow area, you should not choose the size of cement tiles too large that makes us look unfavorable. Selecting large encaustic cement tiles used for a small room will take more time to cut the cement tiles in the area near the edge or corner. This makes the room not beautiful and wastes the amount of cement tiles needed. The large size of cement tiles in a small room definitely makes the space more stuffy and unbalanced.

For rooms with less than 4 sqm of floor, less doors and lack of light, encaustic cement tiles with less pattern, bright colors and size of 20 x 20 or 30 x 30 combined with slanted slices should be chosen to give the space a more spacious feel. Do not choose cement tiles with dark colors and unclear patterns, because it will create a feeling of confusion, cramped.                               

Size of tiles for large space

For spaces larger than 4 sqm, it is advisable to choose cement tiles with large sizes such as 45 x 45, 75 x 75, ... This will help the room become delicate, spacious, creating a harmonious effect for eyes. Using large encaustic tiles for large areas has helped to save cement tiles and labor costs, making the space more airy and more beautiful.


Space is not square

The rooms have a non-square shape making the flooring construction quite difficult. You can overcome this by using rectangular floor cement tiles with size such as 30 x 60 or 15 x 60, which helps to cover the defects of space. Rectangular cement tiles are an extremely effective solution for rooms that are non-square or distorted because they are quite fit, not only do not cause excess and save construction expense, but also create great aesthetic.

Note when selecting tiles

You should plan specifically on the quantity, design, color, size for the decorated space. This makes it easier to buy cement tiles because the data has been calculated in advance. If you want to combine different cement tile patterns in the same space, you need to create drawings with that idea to see if that method is suitable for the room, the materials, how many cement tiles for each pattern is needed, etc.

Choosing a reputable tile supplier is also essential when buying because it helps ensure the best quality of encaustic cement tiles with the lowest cost. In addition, in some establishments, it is possible to order cement tiles with different sizes satisfying diverse needs of customers.


Cement tile size should be calculated specifically before construction. This is some information about encaustic cement tile size for your reference. Customers wishing to find tiles suitable for their home space, please contact VIETTILES immediately.