The basic differences between cement tiles and ceramic tiles

Jun 11 , 2019  |  10,998

Recently, ceramic tiles and cement tiles are two of the most popular materials used for interior and exterior decoration, such as flooring, wall cladding, decoration, ... because of various of their unique characteristics.

Khác biệt cơ bản giữa gạch bông và gạch men

Floor with cement tiles 

Ceramic tiles


Ceramic tiles were invented around the 90s of the 20th century after the advances in science and technology shortening the stages of making a til. Ceramic tiles become increasingly popular since their production is industrialized with the help of many advanced, fast and accurate machines.


Ceramic tile is a material that is covered with enamel on the surface of the brick’s bone. This enamel can be glazed or unglazed according to different designs and requirements of each manufacturer.

Ceramic tiles are made of 70% clay and 30% of other materials are heated at temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius. The production process of ceramic tiles depends mainly on industrial machine.


Ceramic tiles are durable and have long lifespan, but their ability to absorb water is quite poor. Depending on the function used to floor or wall tiles, ceramic tiles are manufactured according to different strength and compression standards.


The main function of ceramic tiles is for construction of wall and floor tiles or llining stairs, walkways and swimming pools.

Cement tile


Cement tiles are decoration materials that are much older than ceramic tiles. Encaustic cement tiles is created in France in the 19th century, then gradually spread to Europe and become a trend in American countries. Cement tiles are currently  popular for both interior and exterior designs due to their outstanding durability and esthetics.

Encaustic cement tiles are environmentally friendly handicraft materials that do not cause negative environmental impacts. Almost old architect such as palaces, castles, temples, ... used cement tiles to build or create cotton floor. The variety of colors and designs of each cement tile creates attractive and impressing features for everyone.

cement tile trend for interior and exterior design 


Cement tiles (also known as hydraulic tiles or encaustic cement tiles) are used for floor and wall with various beautiful decorative details and patterns. Cement tiles are made by the skillful hands of skilled craftsmen and supported by hydraulic compressors. Cement tiles are rated as materials with high durability and aesthetics.

Cement tiles are handmade art tiles made from cement sand, stone powder and natural pigments. Depending on different types of cement, with the same production line cement tile has different hardness. There are two types of cement tiles, including dry cement tiles and semi-dry pressed cement tiles.


Cement tile floor has a long lifespan, durable use and endless beauty. Cement tile is durable in harsh conditions of the environment and suitable for outdoor tiling. Cement tile floor has highly hard surface, resistance to slip and scratches.

Cement tiles have variety of different types, sizes and colors. All types of cement tiles have beautiful decorative patterns. Nowadays, thanks to the modern technology and high skill of architects, the pattern and color of decorative cement tiles is becoming more and more abundant.

Beautiful patterns of cement tile


Similar to ceramic tiles, the main use of cement tiles is for wall and floor in bathroom, kitchen, toilet, hallway, stairs, ...

Besides, cement tiles resulting in a combination of intellect and art are also used for interior and exterior decoration. People use interior or exterior cement tiles for garden, corridor, floor, ... creating accents for living space of family or big constructions.

Outstanding space with cement tiles 

Whether it's cement tiles or ceramic tiles, they all have different pros and cons. Through this article, we have reviewed the basic differences between the two types of decorative materials. Wish you have the appropriate choice to decorate your dream house.