The most beautiful patterns of encaustic cement tile

Jun 11 , 2019  |  6,550

The trend of interior design with cement tiles today is no longer a strange thing for everyone. Cement tile is a popular decorative material because of its application and beauty. Beautiful flower cement tiles, with diverse designs, colors and extremely striking patterns. Let us show some of the most beautiful patterns of artistic cement tiles for your perfect choice for your home.

Classical cement tile

Right from the first days of its appearance, classical cement tiles have been used extensively for luxurious spaces such as castles and villas of the upper class. Today, ancient European-style houses have been choosing classical cement tiles as the first choice when designing furniture.


For those who prefer the ancient and luxurious features, classical cement tiles are suitable decoration materials. When choosing classic cement tiles, the wall should be combined with warm tones such as cream, brown, earthy yellow or moss green. Interior decoration for this space should be made from leather , wood, gilding materials creating a sense of luxury and reverence.


Contemporary cement tiles

This is an innovative form of classical cement tile. If classical cement tiles bring a luxurious and ancient living space, contemporary cement tiles create a sophisticated and high-class feeling for your home. contemporary cement tiles combined with contrasting colors such as black and white bring elegant, sophisticated space for home.

In addition, when choosing this style of cement tiles, interior decoration with simple winding items such as chairs, table legs, stairs, chandeliers, ... contributes the highlight for space. The furniture with patterns, complex details should not be chosen to combine with cement tiles because this style focuses on simplicity and sophistication.

Mẫu gạch bông đơn giản đẹp sang trọng

 Simple, beautiful and elegant tile pattern of contemporary cement tile 


Simple contemporary cement tiles help the interior space become sophisticated and luxurious


Modern cement tiles

 For those who prefer an active, modern lifestyle, the pattern of modern cement tile is an ideal choice for interior design. This cement tile is suitable for living space because it creates a comfortable and spacious feeling. In particular, small apartments are very suitable when applying this style of cement tiles. They help to optimize the area and create a spacious sense.

When choosing modern cement tiles, the living space should be coordinated with simple, non-sophisticated furniture.

Mẫu gạch bông hiện đại tạo nên sự sang trọng, tinh tế cho căn nhà

Modern pattern of cement tile creates a luxurious, sophisticated home (tiêu đề hình ảnh)

Japanese cement tiles

The main feature of the style of this cement tile is: simple, neutral and natural. The details on the cement tiles are not rigid but rather neutral colors, helping space become elegant.

 Especially, combining Japanese cement tiles for interior decoration makes home space more comfortable and cozy.

 Hexagon cement tiles 

The hexagon cement tiles are all shaped, sharp, eye-catching and also one of the most popular beautiful cement tiles for floors and walls currently. Unlike traditional square cement tiles, hexagon cement tiles have six spaced sides, vibrant patterns are becoming more and more popular in interior decoration today.

 Mẫu gạch bông lục giác đẹp đầy cá tính

The hexagon cement tiles with diverse styles of patterns and colors can be combined in an inspiring way to create great visual effects.

Some notes when choosing cement tiles

Dimension of decorative space is a factor that should be considered carefully. Not all rooms can apply large cement tiles. Therefore, the first important thing is to measure the space constructed to determine the exact size of cement tiles and the quantity of cement tiles needed.

 Color is another important factor when choosing cement tiles for interior design. The combination of cement tiles, wall color and furniture should be considered to ensure the harmony of the space.

 The patterns of cement tiles are sophisticated and impressive. However, if not coordinated in a subtle way, it can cause a feeling of confusion, especially with small rooms. So, regardless of the style of home orientation, you should carefully consider which cement tile pattern is appropriate. 

Cement tiles are decorative materials inspiring the sense of creation with their diverse patterns and textures. Through this article, Viettiles hope to give more information about cement tiles and some ideas for interior decoration.