Use of hexagonal cement tile is an idea or not?

Oct 06 , 2021  |  122

Are you thinking of using hexagonal cement tiles as accents for your designs? While this is a beautiful and trendy option these days, you're wondering if it might soon go out of style, and choosing a traditional square or rectangular tile would be a safer bet.

However, according to Viettiles' experience, hexagonal cement tiles from simple to complex genres with classic colors will last forever with time. The proof is the historical beauty of ancient buildings such as churches, hotels, museums...

And the hexagon tile is absolutely gorgeous and versatile, so if you love this look, you have nothing to fear!

Advantages of hexagonal cement tiles

There are many reasons to love hexagonal cement tiles. Hexagonal cement tiles with an eye-catching and impressive appearance, when combined with interior materials, create a unique masterpiece that satisfies the viewer's vision.

If you love the difference, then hexagonal cement tiles are the choice for your accents. Hexagonal cement tiles have both the beauty of sophistication, modernity, sometimes personality, and boldness. Many customers of resort projects, hotels, restaurants ... choose to use hexagonal cement tiles for their designs.

In addition, hexagonal cement tiles are very durable, depending on the manufacturer's glaze, the usage time will be different. For hexagonal cement tiles with thick glaze, the process of normal use and friction can be used up to 100 years.

In particular, you can choose the designs that suit your style in particular, hexagonal cement tiles with multi-style beauty. From modern style to traditional, classic. Regardless of the style, hexagonal cement tiles always do a good job of creating accents for your home.

Note when tiling hexagonal cement tiles

The big problem with hexagonal cement tiles is that they are quite difficult to install than square or rectangular cement tiles, the process of tiling this type of tile needs meticulousness and care. Therefore, when using this type of brick, you need to pay attention to choosing a reputable and experienced construction contractor to complete your house. However, the hard work will be rewarded with a worthy result for your home.

Dimensions of hexagonal cement tiles

Hexagonal cement tiles are the most popular type of cement tiles after square cement tiles. Hexagonal cement tiles are often chosen as accents for unique and innovative designs. To meet the needs of design units and customers, Viettiles always updates and creates hexagonal cement tiles with aesthetic patterns, suitable for many styles from classic to modern.

Viettiles hexagonal tiles have many sizes such as 300x200 mm, 185x160mm..., the most popular type is 200x230mm with the quantity of 29 bricks/m2.

If you love the difference, love the new, use hexagonal cement tiles to create accents for your designs. You will be extremely excited with the creative designs from hexagonal tiles!




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