Useful tips to help your house look fresher with cement tiles.

Oct 18 , 2023  |  112

 To keep and make your home always fresh, you don't need big things like a true renovation, we are talking about even the smallest details of emerging trends, and you can Catch the trend if your conditions allow. And keep in mind that changes, whether small or big, must ensure that they are suitable for you and your surroundings.

To renovate the space and create a fresh space, here are some tips for you.

  • Wall tiles with herringbone structure: New wall structures can make the space fresher and more interesting. Choose colors that suit your personal preferences and style.

  • Big changes: Update your floors, give your floors a new coat with a patterned encaustic cement tile carpet. This can create a big change in space.

  • Add climbing plants and ornamental plants: Try growing climbing plants to cling to the walls (If possible, try replacing closed walls with wind-blown breeze block walls) this will change a cloak for the outside of your home, fresh, close to nature. Place them on the window, desk, or any location you want.


  • Use natural light: Take advantage of natural light by leaving windows open wider, or using thin curtains to allow natural light to enter the room.


  • Change the decoration: Changing decorations such as paintings, mirrors, lamps, and other decorative objects can bring freshness to the space.

  • Create green space: If possible, add a garden or outdoor green space such as a balcony or garden to create a fresh space to relax and enjoy.

  • Use brightly colored encaustic tiles: Using colored encaustic tiles makes the space more colorful and brighter.


Note that it is not necessary to take all of the above measures at once. You can choose what suits your situation and budget to renovate the space in a fresh way.