Jan 31 , 2023  |  88

Handmade cement tiles are not just tiles for floor and wall tiles. This product is also the result of diligent and skillful labor combined with the long-term skills of the artisans. Each tile with each line of the pattern carries the soul and enthusiasm of the whole Viettiles team and especially bears the unique imprint of each artist who makes it.

Therefore, when you hold Viettiles unburnt cement tiles in your hand, you are with us to maintain and protect this traditional industry and spread beautiful products to many new customers to create new projects sustainable over time.



Hotline: 0906 80 80 12

Showroom Q2: số 17, đường 40, P. An Khánh, Tp. Thủ Đức, Tp. HCM

Showroom Q9: KĐT Đông Tăng Long, số 34 đường B1, KP. Phước Lai, P. Trường Thạnh, Tp. Thủ Đức, Tp. HCM