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Jan 12 , 2019  |  1,740

Good morning!
How has your 2019 started, do your plans have been "put on the shelf"? If you plan them clearly, in each stage, you have completed 50% of the goal!


 success or failure

Understanding that, Viettiles always encourages companions with Viettiles - Viettiles-er to set short-term and long-term goals, divide specific tasks, to build common goals together. create bricks that meet 3 golden criteria: high aesthetic bricks, good quality bricks, bricks and "green" brick making - environmentally friendly.
Besides, Viettiles also works together to build a friendly and happy working environment for all employees. When you visit any Viettiles factory, you will also see radiant smiles, the happy face of the day and night artisans who directly create bricks. These are also values ​​that make Viettiles brand famous.


 happy smile of viettiles artisans

What is your goal? Always look forward to it, prepare and act day by day, and do it in the happiest, happiest mood. When doing that, Viettiles believes that success will come to you! Please share this article if you agree with Viettiles!