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First we need to clarify, what is 3D wall tile and how to use it? Who will be the user, what should the user pay attention to?... there will be many questions surrounding the product that has been around for a long time, but many people still do not know its value.


3D wall tiles are tiles with special shapes and designs that are different from ordinary floor tiles and wall tiles in terms of "surface" look, creating fancy and interesting 3D grooves or effects when combined. Matching the light, LED lights are meant to attract the eye and give us the imagination of a light melody forming.

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Object: the use of 3D wall tiles in the space is for homeowners who want a unique, attractive and luxurious living space to be first.

Location: the application of 3D wall tiles to space has many locations for us to choose from.

Living room wall decoration

Bedroom wall decoration

Bathroom wall decoration

Decorative partition wall

Front wall decoration

Corridor wall decoration

Wall decoration of dining room, relaxation hall, common room

Stair wall decoration

Criteria for choosing 3D wall tiles

- Color: pay attention to the interior style, choose the color of wall tiles in harmony with the overall space. However, keep the following tips up to date. Warm tones (red, orange, yellow and brown in the palette), natural tones (colors found in nature such as white, gray, green, skin…) cool tones, film tones photo, vivid…

- Size: choose a tile size that is suitable for the space ratio to avoid joints or patterns that are too detailed to reduce shaping from light effects.

- Shape: Currently on the market there are many special and unique 3D wall tiles on the market, but choose the tile shape that is suitable for the location and space to be tiled.

- Contrast and Consideration: Contrast and tile techniques will give different images, rotate the bricks to make the wall more vivid.

Above are the notes in the eyes of the tile manufacturer, if necessary, consider consulting experts in the field of interior design to make the best choice for your home space.