Pattern Code: VCB-014

Dimension: 190 x 190 x 65 mm

Weight: 2.5 - 3 kgs/pcs

Pieces/Box: 4 pcs

Color Theme:

Color Code: Cement Block

Tiles with the same pattern

The partition is nicely decorated from the wind cotton tile Space

The more modern life is, the more people tend to find space in harmony with nature. Therefore, today's craft materials are always a top priority when choosing housing designs. Wind cotton tile is one of the perfect options for designing decorative walls and partitions, bringing a unique and new look to your home space.


Decorate the house wall with wind cotton tiles

Decorate the house wall with wind cotton tiles

Basic information about wind cotton tiles

Wind cotton bricks are also called ventilation bricks or wind flower bricks as materials used in the design and construction of buildings. Wind cotton bricks have existed for a long time with two main materials: red bricks from clay and unburnt bricks from cement and sand. But later, because of the impact on the environment, so the earthenware materials are gradually limited, instead, they are environmentally friendly non-baked cotton brick products.

Wind-brick has been used in Vietnamese architecture for a long time, but today it becomes more and more popular thanks to the outstanding features and artistic features that it brings to design spaces. Wind cotton is the perfect solution for houses that want to resist hot, mysterious, want to get wind and natural light into the house.

Types of popular wind cotton tiles on the market

Not only stop at the simple motifs like in the past, today's wind tiles are created more shapes such as: apricot, butterfly-shaped, Hy-shaped, pie-shaped, ... Each shape of bricks is having different inner decoration patterns. This is an endless source of inspiration for architects to create beautiful walls.

Wind cotton brick Space is designed simply but still ensure the aesthetic of the house. Wind cotton brick Space is being chosen by many customers because of its simplicity but art, suitable for many spaces with different styles from classic, classic to modern.

Gạch bông gió Space đang được ưa thích trên thị trường

Wind cotton brick Space is being popular in the market

Advantages and disadvantages of wind cotton tiles


  • Creating ventilation for buildings: Using wind-blown tiles makes the space clearer, cooler and brighter. This helps solve quite a lot of problems for the design of the interior of the architects because the coolness for the project is always one of the top priorities.
  • High aesthetics:Today's wind tiles have countless designs and different sizes, satisfying and meeting different needs of customers. Space will become lively and unique when applying decorative wind cotton tiles.
  • There are many different applications: Wind cotton tiles can be used for interior decoration, creating partitions, walling, decorating home gardens, creating fences, ...
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: The current wind cotton tiles are usually produced by static, unburnt molding, so they are quite friendly to the environment. Tiles are produced from natural materials, do not cause health problems, ensure safety for users.
  • Cost savings: Using wind cotton tiles helps you reduce the cost of cooling the house from an electric fan or air conditioner, and it is easy to save the construction time and cost.

Wind cotton tiles have many outstanding advantages

Wind cotton tiles have many outstanding advantages



Besides the above advantages, wind cotton tiles also have the disadvantages of being quite thick and heavy. This causes difficulties in the transportation process, and requires engineers to have careful calculations for the works that apply wind-brick to ensure a sustainable structure for all projects.


Application of Space wind cotton tiles to create decorative partitions

You can use wind cotton tiles Space for fence walls, bars, partitions, bookshelves, ... This product is also widely used in restaurants, cafes, hotels, ... create pressing points statues in architectural space, attracting the attention of customers. The space using wind cotton tiles Space often creates a feeling of closeness, simplicity but still modern and sophisticated.

Using Space wind cotton tiles to create walls and help reduce the secret and rigidity for buildings, and is a smart solution to divide the different functional spaces while ensuring material and expenditure savings. construction fee. Create a partition with Space wind cotton tiles to help monotonous walls become more unique and personality, and bring a clear vision and cool space when used. The rigid walls of stone bricks will become more friendly and attractive thanks to the Space Wind Brick.

Works using wind cotton tiles Space

Works using wind cotton tiles Space

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