VCB-022 Lamp

Pattern Code: VCB-022

Dimension: 190 x 190 x 65 mm

Weight: 2.5 - 3 kgs/pcs

Pieces/Box: 4 pcs

Color Theme: Xi măng

Color Code: Xi măng

Tiles with the same pattern

Create a difference with the wind cotton lamp tile

Today, wind cotton tiles are becoming the trend in design and construction thanks to the high aesthetics, creating accents for the works, suitable for a variety of styles from classic to modern. The use of wind cotton tiles also brings many benefits such as creating a ventilation space for the house, taking advantage of the wind and natural light, getting closer to nature. Compared with other decorative bricks, wind cotton tiles are not too high cost, meeting the demand of people. Lamp wind cotton tile is one of the most popular products in interior design today.

What is wind cotton brick?

Wind cotton tiles are non-baked products, produced by static pressing method so it is very friendly to the environment. Brick is mainly made from cement and sand, so there are two basic colors, white and gray. In addition, currently on the market, there are various types of earthenware made from earthenware, such as earth yellow, red orange, ...

Wind Lamp cotton tile of VIET TILES

Wind Lamp cotton tile of VIET TILES

Wind cotton bricks are a long-standing construction material, commonly used in architecture from traditional to modern. With a special structure, wind cotton tiles are not traditional square shapes, but are made up of round blocks, leaves, flowers, ... with various vents and motifs. Each brick shape has different internal details, meeting the needs of all customers.


 Trend of designing works by wind cotton lamp Lamp

Wind cotton tiles have various functions, can be used to decorate many places in the house space:

Use wind cotton tiles Outdoor decorative lights

You can use wind cotton tiles built into fences or walls surrounding the house campus. The combination and construction with reasonable wind cotton bricks outside helps your home to be protected and still create the individual characteristics of the owner. Balcony, balustrade is also an ideal place to decorate with cotton wind lamps, helping to create focal points and ensure the ventilation of the house.

Wind cotton tiles combine with green patches to create a fresh feeling

Wind cotton tiles combine with green patches to create a fresh feeling

Decorate the roof with wind cotton lamp

The roof is an important part contributing to the beauty of the whole house. A perfect home must have a perfect roof. Lamp wind cotton bricks can help with ventilation holes and welcome light into the house, making the house space flooded with natural light. In addition, the unique pattern of Cotton Wind Lamp makes the roof more artistic and perfect.


Cotton brick wind Lamp decorate the facade or door

Decoration of façades or doors with wind-brick tiles is a popular design trend today. The façade and the door are the first impression of the house when entering, the use of Lamp wind tiles makes the first look more attractive thanks to the uniqueness of brick patterns.

Create partitions or walls with wind-cotton tiles

The wind cotton lamp bricks with unique patterns can be used together to create partitions in the house. The partition is made of wind-cotton tiles, ensuring the separation of the functional areas, ensuring the ventilation for the house.

Partition from wind cotton tiles

Partition from wind cotton tiles

Notes when choosing wind cotton tiles


You need to consider the purpose of use to choose the appropriate wind pattern tiles. Wind cotton bricks are often used as walls or partitions to divide space. So, you can combine wind cotton tiles Lamp and other wind pattern tiles to create a unique wall. You can also create accents with climbing flowers and decorative lights, creating a lively and impressive part of the wall.

Size of space to be constructed

Consider and measure the size of the room to be done before selecting the appropriate wind cotton brick. With large spaces, you can freely choose any type of tile with any texture and size you want. However, with small rooms, simple, cubic or leaf-shaped bricks will be the right choice. Using bricks with gray-white colors such as Lamp wind cotton tiles will help make the space more bright and airy.

Quality bricks

Using high quality wind cotton tiles to ensure safety for family members, while saving costs for homeowners. Wind cotton tiles are made from static pressing technology, which is high quality, durable and well adapted to many different weather conditions, ensuring the safety of health and life of your family.

The façade from VIET TILES wind tile

The façade from VIET TILES wind tile

Address to buy wind cotton tiles

There are a lot of wind cotton tiles suppliers on the market at different prices, making you wonder when choosing. Before deciding on which tile provider to choose, you should look for information and assessments of experts and customers for the addresses that provide that tile.

VIET TILES is a prestigious and quality place for you to choose. This is a company that supplies Lamp Cotton wind tiles as well as other leading tiles in Vietnam. The products of VIET TILES are manufactured by static pressing method so it is very stable and sustainable over time, ensuring the quality of each brick.