VCBS-001 Pyramid
VCBS-001 Pyramid

VCBS-001 Pyramid

Pattern Code: VCBS-001 Pyramid

Dimension: 240x200x80 mm

Weight: 2,8 kgs

Pieces/Box: 2

Color Theme: Xi măng nâu

Color Code: Xi măng nâu

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With the desire to spread the traditional materials - breeze block comes back excitingly in modern life and give people a new look at this material line, Australian Architect Tom Fereday and Viettiles have come together handshake to create super product Pyramid breeze block.

The appearance of the breeze block is like a breakthrough in both traditional and modern designs. You can completely create them in unique shapes when combined together from the perpendicular line of the wall to the circle of the table pillar…



Weight Breeze block Pyramid
-Dimensions: 240 x 200 x 80 mm
- Weight: 2.8 kg/tablet
With safe, natural and environmentally friendly criteria, Pyramidwind breeze block is made entirely of 100% materials such as sand, cement by manual method from the hands of experienced artisans. This is a type of brick that is not baked in the product process, so the produced breeze block are durable, environmentally friendly and suitable for many types of weather.







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