V30C-071-S Cement Tile

Pattern Code: V30C-071-S

Dimension: 300 x 300 x 18 mm

Weight: 2.1 kg/pcs [4.63 pounds]

Pieces/Box: 6 pcs/box

Color Theme: 1000

Color Code: 1000

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An Indian billionaire because he loves the carpet in his homeland and wanted to make this carpet with cement tiles, so he went to many places to find a place to produce this carpet, but all the manufacturers refused because the design was too difficult. And as if by fate, this billionaire came to Viettiles. In the face of his intense love for the carpet of his homeland, Viettiles finally accepted the challenge to create a special, meaningful carpet of cement tiles.

The sample, when brought to Viettiles, was an old carpet, from which Viettiles designed and simulated the image to make the mold. For a long time, with the meticulousness and patience of the workers, the mold has also formed based on the previous design.

With this pattern of cement tiles, a good craftsman can only produce 1 m2 in 8 working hours. We could see how difficult the product is! And to complete this difficult pattern of cement tiles requires the efforts and efforts of the Viettiles team. We love the beauty of cement tiles and wish to spread a rustic and pure love for the cement bricks made by artisans with skillful hands. 


Corner cement tiles


Accent for the floor with Indian carpet tiles


Version of the Persian rug is designed by Viettiles in many different colors for customers to choose