The kitchen designs with beautiful cement tiles

Jun 11 , 2019  |  4,178

To keep the kitchen clean, safe, and comfortable, regular cleaning is necessary. Therefore, right from the initial design stage, choosing materials for kitchen wall tiles which are easy to clean, clean, and bring elegance and sophistication is always carefully considered. But choosing a beautiful and suitable kitchen cement tiles is not a simple thing. Here are some tips and samples of beautiful kitchen tiles for reference.

Tips for choosing beautiful kitchen patterned wall cement tiles


When choosing kitchen walling materials, it should be noted that the wall is easy to be dirty. Unlike other spaces, the kitchen area is prone to grease, stains. To facilitate the cleaning of this area, the types of cement tiles, ceramic tiles should be chosen. They are materials that are easy to clean and keep shiny, clean. In addition, you should also consider style and design style.

In addition to choosing tiles as a kitchen wall materials, you can also use other materials such as marble, which makes the kitchen extremely luxurious and sophisticated.

Những mẫu thiết kế bếp với gạch ốp tường bếp đẹp

Kitchen designs with beautiful beautiful patterns of cement tiles


In the kitchen area, black and white are probably the most popular colors for kitchen wall tiles. White tiles bring a clean, bright feeling in the family cooking area. However, black tiles bring elegance and mystery to the kitchen space. You can also choose and combine other colors to suit the overall design of your home.

In addition, colors in the kitchen also means feng shui for your home. Symbolizing the kitchen is Fire, so you should avoid using colors that are too strong, such as red, easy to generate strong energies, not good for homeowners' feng shui.



For those who prefer simplicity, choosing a single color kitchen tile pattern is quite easy. However, to make the kitchen become outstanding and attractive, the selection of textures and patterns vis not easy. Textures will bring a unique, different space, bringing a unique beauty to your home, such as patterned cement tile which can create the impression for kitchen.

If you have a small kitchen, choose kitchen tiles with bright colors and simple patterns; If your kitchen is quite spacious, you can choose the opposite.

Patterned kitchen with cement tiles 


For convenience of daily cleaning, people often prefer to choose tiles with simple designs and large sizes. Large tiles will reduce the area of ​​mortar, making it easier for housewives to clean.

Some beautiful kitchen tiles

Colorful patterns

The colorful tiles will make your kitchen outstanding. Bright colored cement tiles will brighten up your kitchen space. You can choose patterns of kitchen cement tiles with patterns such as penny bricks, dragon-shaped tiles, etc.


If you love to be creative, you can try applying strong colors like dark blue, dark brown, ... in the kitchen space, it will also create a impressive charm.

The kitchen designs with beautiful kitchen wall cement tiles help increase the aesthetics of the home, bringing the outstanding space.

Kitchen wall cement tiles with patterns of geometry

An idea of ​​decorating your kitchen wall with patterned cement tiles becomes more impressive than using ceramic tiles. Square cement tiles are simple and familiar tiles in kitchen design. But if using kitchen tiles with different colors, rich patterns and random arrangement, it is an extremely unique and impressive decoration idea.

Dark triangular tiles in random positions will give the space of the kitchen definition and vividness. You can also use that type of cement tiles to arrange according to herringbone pattern, combining 2 contrasting colors together will be very unique and interesting.

Outstanding kitchen with cement tiles

Simple wall tiles

Choosing a beautiful kitchen wall tile pattern with families who love the simplicity but still create the coziness is not easy. A beautiful kitchen with gentle patterns of cement tiles helps the kitchen become brighter and more luxurious.

Light blue or yellow kitchen cement tiles with a smooth, soft color layer will create a beautiful and delicate kitchen color. Such soft colors bring a sense of freshness and elegance.

Kitchen decoration cement tiles have many models and different styles. Hopefully through the above article, you can find the most suitable decoration and kitchen cement tiles. Turn your kitchen into an impressive space, inspire cooking, create delicious meals for your family.