VCBS-002 Triangle

Pattern Code: VCBS-002

Dimension: 190x190x190x65 mm

Weight: 1,5 kgs

Pieces/Box: 6

Color Theme: Xi măng

Color Code: Xi măng

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Triangle - The Beauty of Balance

New design of breeze block breaks the common look and construction with square block, makeing unique impression and differentiation for construction projects. The balance of triangle shape ensures the safe and durability for projects. Viettiles provides creative materials that belongs to you.

For small mortar circuit, glue should be used for construction. 

For more creative with colors. exterior water paint can be used. 

For interior design, triangle breeze block can be built for partition wall combined with trees and decorative items.

Technical Specification: 
Dimension: 190x190x190x65 mm
Weight: 3 kg 
Area: 58 pcs/sqm