VCB-002-1000 Roller

Pattern Code: VCB-002-1000

Dimension: 190 x 190 x 65 mm

Weight: 2.5 - 3 kgs/pcs

Pieces/Box: 4 pcs

Color Theme: Xi măng trắng

Color Code: Xi măng trắng

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White Roller Wind Brick - The perfect choice for your home

With the constant change and development of the interior design market as well as the increasing demands in construction, the aesthetic response of wind cotton tiles is one of the high requirements set forth by the homeowners. An ideal type of wind tile besides brick quality, its convenience and beauty should also be emphasized. And Roller White wind tile is the perfect choice for your home.


Roller White Roller

Roller White Roller

Roller White VIET TILES wind tile

White VIET TILES Roller Cotton Brick is a non-baked cotton brick, so it is very friendly to the environment. The size of the tiles is 190 x 190 x 65 mm, the weight of each tablet is 2.5 - 3 kgs / pcs.

White VIET TILES Roller Wind Brick is produced by static pressing method under high pressure so the product is extremely solid and sustainable, with long life. Brick design has 4 grooves of iron beard inserts in construction, contributing to solving thoroughly safety and aesthetic issues for application works.

Roller White wind tiles are popular for creating architectural accents for wall panels. In addition, they also help air circulation and excellent sun block. People often apply wind cotton tiles for residential buildings, villas, cafes, restaurants, resorts, garden houses, ...

The unique feature of Wind Cotton Roller White

The unique feature of Wind Cotton Roller White

Roller White wind tile is considered as an environmentally friendly product, helping to catch the natural wind very well, replacing the rigid dry walls and replacing it with natural beauty for the house.

Interior design with wind cotton tiles Roller White

With the popular tube houses today, the design of an open and airy living space is an urgent need of the people. Wind cotton brick is a new trend in designing modern houses, creating attractive and impressive accents.

Breaking away with a partition from wind cotton tiles Roller White

Roller White wind tiles are not only simple construction materials but also bring high efficiency in interior decoration, creating a space of separation and difference. Using Roller White to create walls inside the house will be an impressive highlight. With a wind-proof brick partition design, it helps to bring both private and open space while ensuring effective separation of functional spaces in the home.

Partition from wind cotton tiles

Partition from wind cotton tiles

Combine wind cotton brick Roller White with natural plants

Wind cotton brick is an extremely nature-friendly material because of its functions and production processes. Just like people, plants in your home or garden will be full of vitality and flourish if there is a natural and sunny space. Therefore, the wind cotton tile is a close companion to plants, creating fresh green areas for your home.

You can apply wind tiles to your balcony or garden. The gray white color of Cotton Roller Roller harmonizes with the green of the grass, giving your home space a new wind, creating a beautiful and artistic beauty.

Walls from unique wind cotton tiles

Life in rigid, secretive walls in a hot and humid climate always makes people feel suffocated, desire for a living space with sun and wind. Roller White wind tile is the perfect solution to get the wind and natural light into every corner of your house.

Using wind-brick tiles to make walls as well as the house facades helps create an eye-catching and much-loved look. Walls from wind-cotton tiles bring the coolest and coolest space for the house that small windows are hard to meet. Wind and natural light filled the house creating a space full of energy and vitality.

Unique facade with wind cotton tiles

Unique facade with wind cotton tiles

Where to buy wind cotton brick Roller White?

VIET TILES is the leading supplier of cotton tiles in Vietnam. With a team of skilled workers and decades of experience combined with modern and professional management, VIET TILES has been voted by the experts as a quality supplier and selected for typical projects at Vietnam and the world.

The products of wind cotton tiles of VIET TILES are produced by the communication method, using static force pressed with high pressure, meeting the standards accredited by SGS Center in Vietnam, meeting the needs most demanding of customers. VIET TILES is a supplier of cotton tiles to many prestigious domestic and international contractors such as VinGroup, Starbuck coffee chain, Highland coffee chain, ...

If you are in need of Roller White as well as other cotton tiles, please come to VIET TILES to own the best quality bricks with the most competitive price.

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