VCB-016-1000 Cover

Pattern Code: VCB-016-1000

Dimension: 190 x 190 x 65 mm

Weight: 2.5 - 3 kgs/pcs

Pieces/Box: 4 pcs

Color Theme: Xi măng trắng

Color Code: Xi măng trắng

Tiles with the same pattern

Wind cotton cover White VIETTILES

In today's hustle and bustle, in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi ... "crowded land is crowded", which makes the works always in lack of ventilation and lack of natural light sources. Therefore, the application of wind-walled cotton tile has both created a cool and cool for the project is extremely necessary.

Construction materials - Cover white - environmentally friendly

From public works such as schools, hospitals to civil works such as apartments, apartments to restaurants, the hotel has the requirement of airy as well as prioritizing natural light sources. Therefore, it is not uncommon for this material to be prioritized for construction by contractors.

The introduction of ventilation tiles

With a typical tropical monsoon climate, Vietnam is always in the uncomfortable weather, the sun will be fierce up to 39-40 degrees, so the buildings have no ventilation (especially tube houses) ) will be very hot.

Gạch bông gió mang đến sự mới mẻ, thông thoáng cho công trình hiện đại

Wind cotton tiles bring new and open to modern works

We all know that teeth and wind cotton bricks have appeared for a long time with two main forms: fired bricks from clay and unburnt cement bricks (concrete bricks) which are hand-made one by one.

Circular 13/2017 / TT-BXD issued by the State on regulations on using unburnt construction materials for works. From measurements, materials made from earthenware are gradually replaced by unburnt, environmentally friendly materials. Unburnt ventilation bricks are gradually preferred and used more than terracotta ventilation bricks.

Unburnt ventilated bricks are not mass produced by automated methods but can only be produced by manual communication, so the number of production is not enough to meet the needs of the projects.

Advantages of art ventilation tiles for buildings

Most contractors and architects prioritize the selection of fine wind cotton tiles, a green material, environmentally friendly craft production. Just create cool ventilation and create decorative patterns for the project with gentle style, simple but still equally modern.

VIET TILES –COVER WHTE wind cotton tiles

VIET TILES –COVER WHTE wind cotton tiles

Cover White ventilation brick application for cool, cool works

Cover White ventilation brick application for cool, cool works

Especially for houses in the hot and sunny west, wind-brick is considered an effective salvage solution.

Select wind cotton tiles cover white for the project?

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