VCB-015-1000 Seafoam

Pattern Code: VCB-015-1000

Dimension: 190 x 190 x 65 mm

Weight: 2.5 - 3 kgs/pcs

Pieces/Box: 4 pcs

Color Theme: Xi măng trắng

Color Code: Xi măng trắng

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Get creative with Seafoam White wind tiles

Today, wind cotton tiles are the top decorative material for construction works. With countless designs and patterns, wind and cotton bricks are an endless source of inspiration for architects designing works such as restaurants, cafes, houses, etc. Instead of rigid concrete walls , wind cotton tiles are cleverly designed to create impressive ventilation walls. With Seafoam White wind cotton tiles, you can create creativity for your home space.

Seafoam White VIET TILES wind cotton tiles

Many years ago, when cement materials were still quite strange to everyone, wind cotton bricks made from earthenware appeared in home decorations. At that time, the shape of the brick was quite simple like a leaf, a 4-pointed flower, ... used for window decoration or in a certain position of the walls of the house.

Nowadays, wind tiles with more diverse shapes have created impressive accents for the works. Seafoam White wind cotton tiles are considered queens in the wind cotton tiles, which are inspired by the sponge designers to create each brick with large and small circular tiles beautifully coordinated, which is a great highlight. for your home space.

Seafoam White wind tiles are inspired by sponges

Seafoam White wind tiles are inspired by sponges

Seafoam White wind tiles are made of white cement. The size of each tablet of 190 x 190 x 65 mm is suitable for many areas to be decorated. Tiles have simple but very harmonious designs, easily decorated with styles from classic to modern.

Using Seafoam White wind tiles is the perfect choice for home décor and resolving air ventilation problems that other tiles do not. Wind cotton bricks help save cost, are friendly to the environment and ensure the aesthetics of the works.

Gạch bông gió Seafoam White được làm từ xi măng trắng tinh tế

Seafoam White wind cotton tiles are made from delicate white cement

VIET TILES - The leading supplier of wind cotton tiles

Today, people use wind cotton tiles for different purposes such as making walls, partitions, front facades, decorating bars, bookshelves, etc. This material is increasingly popular and thriving. strong, leading to diversification of production in the market. And since then, a series of wind cotton brick production and business establishments were born. However, it is not easy to choose a supplier of quality cotton tiles.

VIET TILES is proud to be a supplier of cotton tiles for many major projects in Vietnam and around the world. This is the address for providing cotton tiles that customers trust to choose.

Sản phẩm gạch bông gió Seafoam White của VIET TILES

Seafoam White wind cotton tiles of VIET TILES


VIET TILES stands out with advantages such as:

  • Leading production scale of output with two large production plants.
  • Skilled and experienced workers, experienced up to tens of years.
  • VIET TILES wind cotton tiles are produced by static pressing method under high pressure so the product is extremely solid and sustainable.
  • Designing modern products, there are 4 iron beard insert grooves to completely solve the safety problem for the project.
  • Models, diverse brick designs, leading the aesthetic.
  • Fast delivery time, ensuring schedule for all projects.
  • Products of VIET TILES are exported to fastidious markets such as USA, Australia, Norway, Korea, ...

Seafoam White wind cotton quotes

The demand for wind cotton tiles on the market is now very large, in order to own Seafoam White wind tiles with the best quality and the most competitive prices, you should look to the prestigious and quality addresses. when choose to buy.

In order to meet the increasing tastes of customers, VIET TILES always strives to produce the best quality wind tiles that many other traditional bricks have not yet made.

We have a team of skilled workers, with decades of experience and modern management, have created beautiful decorative tiles with high quality. VIET TILES is full of capabilities to meet the different needs of customers from design, quantity to delivery, combined solutions for the supply chain, so that customers are always satisfied right from the start. First come to VIET TILES.

Công trình sử dụng gạch bông gió VIET TILES

Works using VIET TILES wind cotton tiles

In order to receive advice and quote Seafoam White wind tiles in particular and other types of tiles in general, you can go to the showroom of VIET TILES or contact the company's hotline number. We are always ready to bring the best products and services to you.