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Cement tile are made using a process developed from the second half of the 19th century. Cement tiles are handmade with the help of metallic molds and a hydraulic press. The raw materials are cement, sand, water and color pigments. Cement tiles are not exposed to firing but gain their strength from curing. The pigment layer is about 3-4 mm which gives the tiles a long lifespan up to 100 years. Cement tiles are not “perfect” and are not meant to be. They become more beautiful with time.

Brass inlay cement tile combines the authentic beauty of the cement tiles and the delicate elegance of the metal luster applied carefully on the surface of cement tile.

Application of brass inlay cement tile for interior decoration

Wall Decoration

With non-glossy surface of cement tiles, the metal luster of brass creates highlight for an impressive decorative panel and outstanding elegance.

Accent For Floor Décor

Using rug for home, we will need to clean regularly. Furthermore, this kind of material is not durable. With brass inlay cement tile can be paved to create accents for home décor or lobby. The rug made from brass inlay cement tile have long lifespan and creates elegance for


- Because of the brass pieces surrounding on the surface of tiles, this tile cannot be installed in completely wet are such as shower, swimming pools and spas.

- Sweep cement tiles daily to brush away dirt and debris, then wash cement tiles daily with water and mild pH-neutral soap to buff away any dried residue. Never use an acid-based cleaning solution because they can wear away at the sealer and damage the surface of the tile

Elegant, sophisticated, and authentic the Brass Inlay Cement Tile will elevate the design aesthetic, which delivers an original yet classy look.

Our new collection brings new ideas for your designs:

The aesthetic of brass inlay cement tile has very elegant pattern mixture of gold metal, blue color in hexagon shape.

This beautiful cement tile with brass inlay has very elegant pattern mixture of gold metal, black & white color.

The gorgeous beauty of classic pattern of cement tile with brass inlay would be an accent in design