More than 40 patterns, Viettiles leads in the diversity of breeze block.

Feb 13 , 2020  |  1,221

Starting from the period of Art Deco in the 1930s, breeze block became a trendy decoration of modern houses. The designs of breeze block were developed with the evolving of architecture. In the 1960s, thanks to Eichler, Rummer, Palmer and Krisel, etc.,they helped breeze blocks to become the most common in design of many constructions. After the 1970s, its popularity weakened and only a limited number of sizes and models were available since then.

Up to now, the breeze blocks improved in materials, production as well as models come back for mid-century trend in green architecture. At Viettiles, we have more than 40 different models of breeze block leading in the world of the quality and the variety of models.

With creativity and passion of the Viettiles team, we are looking for inspiration to create new breeze block models that satisfy the demand of the development of architecture. "Field" our exclusive breeze block models imbued with national identity, with impressive terraced field. Another creative design is created with the inspiration from something close to our daily life - "Cheese" breeze block model. The variety of designs off breeze blocks of Viettiles would help customers to easily select one appropriate for their interest. In addition, we can customize for better support your exxclusive design.


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