How to make encaustic cement tile

Sep 06 , 2018  |  17,840

Cement tile is the handmade and non-burn product. There only the skillful and experienced craftmen can make such perfect tiles for your projects. Please join us to see how passion transmitted into each tile made by Viettiles:   

Step 1: Prepare and reconsile the color seprators before the tiles are made


With the ability of fully customising colors and patterns to the best fit any project design and having a premium quality, Viettiles has always been one of the top choices from investors, leading interior designers and contractors.

Step 2: Check the perfect fit between steel mold and color seperators before the color is poured into the mold

Viettiles is the great combination of traditional tiles and modern designs. A product of creativity will continue to inspire new idea for the better living space, for the everlasting beauty of cement tile.    

Step 3: Pour carefully the color into the mold 

Each details, curved drawing lines, patterns…patience….lightness….concentration….. Craftsman pours his heart, soul and love for the tiles…. With passion and love for the tiles, every our tile maker is an artist. Viettiles is the result of love, passion and carefulness.    

Step 4: Keep the tiles dry naturally in the shelves


Viettiles applies the state-of-art management system for both manufacturing and services. Our tiles are the resuft of combining human and technology.

Step 5: Check the tile's quality and the tiles' surface piece per piece


However, we belive that Utimately, Creative thinking, Craftsmanship, Delicacy and Authenticity are the ingredients of premium quality of our tiles.

Step 6: Pre-treat the tiles' surface before packing into carton boxes


With passion and love for the tiles, every our tile maker is an artist. Viettiles is the result of love, passion and carefulness.
The cemen tiles are completely handmade with 100% natural materials. It is of course environmental friendly. 

Step 7: Our products are ready to ship to around the world


Our journey has started since 2013, with the premium quality has helped us to establish Viettiles brandname in Vietnam and more than 40 countries worldwide.

And Viettiles, we are proud of it.........





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