The Story Of Cement Tile Artisan

Apr 24 , 2020  |  2,196

Encaustic cement tile is not merely a construction materials. Handmade cement tiles contain the story of the artisans and their feelings. It is fortunate that these skillful artisans together maintain and develop cement tile craft with traditional characteristics and long-standing cultural values, which many customers loving handmade products have been looking for.

For artisans who have been in the cement tile craft for decades, they have experienced up and down of cement tile in the fluctuation and trend of market. However, the time and challenge made them more engaged with cement tile craft. Many generations of cement tile artisans together exchange their experiences and passion for the development of cement tile. The old generation gives enthusiasm and lessons for the younger one. Passion and patience in each artisan help love their craft and take carefor each cement tile as an art work with the great value of emotions and ingenuity of the hands.

Viettiles was established in 2013. We have gathered more than 300 skillful cement tile artisans to continue and develop Vietnamese cement tile and bring them around the world with high quality standard and artistic value for high-class building projects. Exporting to more than 45 countries, what makes artisans more love for their jobs is the desire to develop tiles with increasingly difficult and stringent requirements from the market as well as sincerely feelings from customers.

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