Morrocco Cement Tile Collection

May 05 , 2020  |  14,996

Morrocco pattern hidden the mysterious of the East with certain algorithms, strict adherence to the rules of symmetry and color matching. Morrocco cement tile patterns are always chosen for many different styles from designers cooperating with Viettiles.

An Oriental carpet, decorated with Morrocco patterns by cement tiles, in the corridors and floors adds subtle aesthetic for space.

Morrocco cement tile is also an ideal material to create accents in space. Morrocco tiles usually combine in neoclassical style to create elegance and special highlight.

Morrocco cement tiles have some very important advantages in design:

- Green and environmentally friendly material, allowing for widespread use even in the nursery

- High durance, long life span and good abrasion resistance

- Handmade materials are valued from the meticulous of the hands of the artisans 

- Easy preserving and cleaning 


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