Special Patterned Cement Tile of a billionaire

May 05 , 2020  |  1,863

The story of an Indian billionaire: He loves traditional carpet of his country and also wants this carpet made of cement tile. He went to many places but all cement tile manufacturers refused to produce this type of pattern because of its extremely complication. He came to Viettiles and here a special cement tile carpet was born!

The sample sent to Viettiles is a picture of an old carpet. Viettiles designed to proceed with the mold. For a long time, with the meticulousness and patience of the artisans, the mold was created with the patterns same as the traditional carpet.

With this design of this cement tile, a skillful artisan  can produce only 1m2 in 8 hours per day. We can see how difficult it is! For customers'favorite of cement tiles, Viettiles team has made great effort to satisfy their need. We love the beauty of the cement tiles and wish to spread our rustic love for the cement tiles made by skillful hands of artisans.


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